About Us

We connect promising, expansion-stage companies with receptive investors.


As an angel investor and investment banker since 2000, and serial entrepreneur since the 1970's, Bryan Emerson has developed a network of angel investors that now numbers over 100,000 people.  Most are fellow finance professionals who run venture funds, private equity funds, investment banks and family offices who, as individuals, enjoy investing personal money in angel rounds of promising companies too small for their corporate funding. 


Here is how Starlight Capital helps growing companies: 

a)  Scroll through your industry sector here

b)  Review the company website links there. 

  • Let me know which funds and firms would be most likely to fund FUTURE rounds of investment for a company like yours;

  • We email those individuals and invite them to get to know your company now, for possible angel investment.This way, the progress of your company is on the radar of these financial powerhouses FAR EARLIER than would otherwise be likely.


In addition, Starlight Capital provides email and calling staff to reach out to attractive contacts.  In this way, our staff becomes a much needed financial marketing and sales team for companies that are busy running their companies, but without such staff themselves.  The leads go to you for your own knowledgeable follow up.


If you desire BOTH email or phone outreach AND to get in front of investors we have assembled for your industry sector, you can register to present at one of our upcoming conferences, to which, typically, 100 to 200 of my colleagues sign in to attend.  If you do not see your sector listed, contact us.  It may be in the works, or, with your interest, we could establish one if we have appropriate contacts to make it a success.


Once registered, we send you extensive pre-conference preparation documents.  Afterward, we send you the contact information of all who registered to attend.


What's in it for Starlight Capital?

  • A percentage of these participating entrepreneurs use me as their investment banking professional through Great Point Capital (FINRA/SiPC), a broker-dealer and registered investment advisor, in the future when they are ready for a much larger round of investment;

  • A percentage refer other entrepreneurs to us;

  • A percentage hire us for additional services, such as business writing, consulting, and board positions.


We have built our business on long term and synergistic relationships, referrals, and follow up services, sometimes many years later.   How can we help you?

Tombstones:  The below images represent some of Mr. Emerson's past individual angel investments.

























Direct Investment Banking Funding Tombstones