Our Vision: To become the one-stop-shop for the global startup community, organizing Startup Club Events for the startup ecosystem in cities all over the world, both offline and online.


Our Mission: To become the most actively sought source of pitch-related events and information for entrepreneurs, early stage investors and the startup community across all industries and regions.



Are you interested in entrepreneurship? Have you founded your own business and are you looking for opportunities to grow? Do you have experience as investor or business consultant? Have you attended many interesting events in startup ecosystem and would like to learn more? Are you ambitious and driven? Do you see yourself as successful entrepreneur in 5-10 years?


If you answered yes at least to one of the questions, the Startup Club Manager role is made for you!

Startup Club Managers are proactive individuals, who are dedicated to drive Startup Club to success. The role entails establishing, building, managing and growing local entrepreneurial communities.

As part of our global team, you will have the following responsibilities:  

  • To establish a strong local community via networking. Use your existing connections to nurture active and participative Startup Club groups online and offline.

  • To take an active role in growing the Startup Club community in the groups on social media, i.e. increase the monthly member growth rate and keeping it constantly high.

  • To secure partnerships with other key players in the local startup ecosystem, such as coworking spaces, accelerators, business angels and investment funds, local business associations and other organisations.

  • To be the point of contact for your community members, solving all member-related issues. Use your position as Startup Club Manager to become an influencer in your country or even globally. Make your name recognisable in the startup ecosystem!

  • To organise Startup Club events, such as Pitch Night, Startup Club Day Conference, Webinars and other innovative formats suitable for your local community.

As Startup Club Manager, you will have the following skills and experience:

  • You are curious, extroverted, self-confident. You have experience or knowledge of local startup ecosystem, you enjoy networking and making new professional connections.

  • You have experience in marketing, sales, managing social media, organising events, consulting – any related field that can add value to the role and our global community.

  • You are fluent in English and the local language of your country. Additional foreign languages and international experiences are encouraged.

Central management of Startup Club manages the website, social media accounts, payment processing, data management and a large and growing database of entrepreneurs around the world. You will receive full administrative support from the team in terms of operational events and community management. We will also provide you with a guide to creating events and tools to grow your local Startup Club.


This is not a job, but a business partnership. As a Startup Club Manager, you will not have a salary, but you will have a vast opportunity to create income for yourself at a very modest monthly fee. You can have a full time job and devote your evenings and weekends to the Startup Club. Our global reach provides you with opportunities to create synergies between your full-time job and Startup Club Manager position!

As a Startup Club Manager, you can benefit from the following revenue sources:

  • Ticket sales from Startup Club events

  • Referral fee from selling Startup Club advertising, sponsorship and other services

  • Synergy between your own business and Startup Club. As Startup Club Manager, you can become an influencer in your local community. You can advertise your own business and sell consulting services. There is no limit to the variety of activities you can perform!

There is no limit to your revenue potential – with Startup Club, you are your own boss! The revenue split from ticket sales for events is 80% to you and 20% to Startup Club.

We expect a minimum of one online or offline event each month with a very modest monthly minimum revenue from ticket sales of USD$500 and thus a minimum monthly fee of USD$100 (20%).  For example, let’s say that you host an event  in the month of June and you realize monthly minimum revenues from ticket sales of USD$500.In this example, you will send us USD$100 (20%), which equals the minimum monthly financial commitment we expect you to make to our professional collaboration.


Since 2002, Starlight Capital Inc. co-organized the New York Private Equity Forums at the Yale Club New York, which has been America’s Premier Business Funding Conference for startups. Starlight has extensive experience offering transaction and advisory services for early- and development-stage companies. Together with Starlight, we have designed a new vision of startup ecosystem. The Startup Club is the one-stop-shop for the global startup community, organizing Startup Club Pitch Nights and Startup Club Weekend Festivals for the startup ecosystem in cities all over the world.

The Startup Club has online presence in major European, American and Asian cities. Our community consists of a growing portfolio of more than 600 networking groups with more than 35,000 group members in 2019 on Linkedin, Xing and Facebook. At a later stage, we will set up a presence on regional social networks such as Renren for China, Viadeo for the Francophone World or Kakao Talk for South Korea and cross border networks such as InterNations for Expatriates. The Startup Club will be available worldwide, reaching over 100,000 members.  

Meet the founding team:

  • Bryan Tiller Emerson is the Founder and President of Starlight Capital, and one of the two Co-Founders of New York Private Equity Forums. He leads The Startup Club operations from the US

  • Oliver Doering has worked in the Financial Services Industry for more than 30 years, with a great deal of international experience. He founded The Startup Club and is growing its online community

  • Olga Kuznietsova, previously the founder of Milan Entrepreneurship Network. With background in management and media, she is leading Startup Club global community and manages events in Milan and Paris

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