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In our first Europe-wide Investor Networking Forum, discover the select group of business visionaries, angel investors, investment professionals, money managers and venture capitalists share insights and experience with the featured entrepreneurs.

Time & Location

Jun 24, 2020, 6:00 PM GMT+2

Online Conference


About the Event

Startup Club is pleased to invite you to our first Europe-wide Investor Networking Forum. If you are an entrepreneur looking for the next investment round, this event presents a unique opportunity for intimate networking with potential investors. If you are a Business Angel or an Investment Fund Manager, our Investor Networking Forum will allow you to discover carefully selected, innovative companies from around Europe. 

IF YOU ARE AN ENTREPRENEUR… We invite you to apply to present at this event whenever you are: 

1) Actively raising the next round of capital;

2) Want to go outside of your existing network of contacts to find investors; 

3) Looking for a cost-effective proven venue to locate new investors; 

4) Need to accelerate the funding process to execute your business plan. 

Our Investor Networking Forum solves the three biggest problems in the fundraising process: 

1) Identifying qualified investors; 

2) Gaining credible entrée to them; and 

3) Meeting them under favorable circumstances. Moreover, the event drives the single most essential factor in getting funded quickly, and that is the ability to create contemporaneous interest among investors - which also can serve to significantly improve deal terms.

The event will take place in the following format: 


18:00: Login/Introduction by host

18:10: First Flight of Presenting Companies (5 minute pitches followed by 10 minutes of Q&A each)

18:40: Second Flight of Presenting Companies

19:10: Third Flight of Presenting Companies

19:40: Informal networking online

20:00: Adjournment 

WHAT MAKES OUR EVENT DIFFERENT… Our Investor Networking Forum is unique because: 

1) Nearly 100% of the guests are active investors.

2) Presenting companies reach a European-wide audience of qualified funding sources focusing on early-stage opportunities.

3) Only six companies are featured on the program which provides for high visibility to investors.

4) The events are not sponsor supported and accordingly not heavily populated with service providers.

5) There are no concurrent activities or competing presentations. All companies present to the entire audience.

6) This event is "deal-oriented”, without panels or other distractions that keep the spotlight from the presenters.

7) The majority of the attendees are principals of the private equity or venture capital firms whom they represent.

8) Presenters can plan for the forums in advance as we provide confirmed guest information prior to the conference dates.

9) Featured companies benefit from the strong brand equity that we have built with investors. 

In addiiton, the forum takes place ONLINE, which means the following:

1) International exposure to investors from different European countries

2) HUGE savings as compared to travelling to another country to attend the event

3) Opportunity to have your pitch recorded for future use

If you believe that your company's potential is truly compelling and that management's vision can be effectively communicated, this private event will provide you with a unique European-wide platform to get your message across in "One Place and in One Day" to active serious investors who want to see fundable deals.

Contact us directly at to purchase the Startup Presenter slot. 


We estimate that several hundred million dollars has gone to past Presenters over recent years, much of which could be directly or indirectly attributed to our forums. Our prior conference guests and other funds who have invested in these businesses include such prominent groups as those listed below by funded company. Of course, there is no assurance that presenting at our upcoming forum will result in obtaining capital, but it gets you one (significant) step closer to the desired result!

Past investor event attendees included Indaco Ventures, Citizen Capital, Palmetto Partners, Savoy Capital, Gallipolis Partners, Cockrell Family Partners, Gaylord Interests, Duncan Interests, Cheyenne Partners, LB Capital, Way Holdings, RD Heritage, BJW Investments, Cullen Foundation, Elm Creek Partners, Duke Capital Management, Memorial Herman Investment Fund, Raymond James, Fenner Weller, Rushmore Investment Advisors, Southwell Partners, Tracadia Capital, Aggie Venture Partners, GOOSE Fund, and P101, among many others.


Although we wish it could be, this is not a free event. (As is true with most things in life, it is not what or if you pay, but what you get for what you pay.) We are not part of any non-profit group or government agency and our events are not primarily funded by vendors or service providers, which ensures an "investor-only" venue. Accordingly, companies are required to pay a fee to be featured at the event based upon a number of alternatives, which we try to tailor to the financial situation of each company and may include a partially differed or contingent payment. As every company varies with respect to its financial resources, stage, revenues and funding requirements, we do not have a "one size fits all" structure with respect to fees or visibility options. Our forum could be best described as a co-op for the companies that present - such as a trade show would be. We underwrite the events and the featured companies share in the overhead cost. They do so because our model ensures them an audience of nearly 100% qualified investors who have paid to attend and whom we disclose in advance. In addition, EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT IS AVAILABLE UNTIL MAY 24. 

Note:  The presenter registration fee includes all expenses (server space, technician, virtual host, video pitch recording, hardware) related to your participation in the online event.

Please whitelist as you will receive our two confirmation emails at that address. Thank you.


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