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Nordic GreenTech Scale-Up Investment Forum
Nordic GreenTech Scale-Up Investment Forum

Nordic GreenTech Scale-Up Investment Forum

The Startup Club and CompanyCapital present a select number of Green Tech companies ready to expand current Climate Impact business to international markets.

Time & Location

Oct 26, 2020, 6:00 PM GMT+1

Online Conference


About the Event

The Startup Club and Starlight Capital, CompanyCapital present a select number of Green Tech companies ready to expand current Climate Impact business to international markets. Cleantech, PropTech, WasteManagement solutions and more will present. These are companies looking for a new round of investment or seeking to grow on new markets – including manufacturing outsourcing opportunities etc.

A select number of GreenTech companies with a proven technology are ready to present their businesses in pursuit of new markets and business opportunities to expand and grow internationally. Presenting companies will already have customers and revenue in one or more markets but are all looking to grow and expand internationally – patented products, services, OEM opportunities and more. All presenting companies have a proven technology that will help reduce CO2-emissions as do each company target one or more of the UNs 17 Sustainable Development Goals, SDG.

Event details : October 26th, 1pm EST (7pm CET) Online Conference

Each presenting company is given 7 minutes slots per presentation with a maximum of 5 presenting companies per session. This will allow for a high-impact presentation.

Each company presenting will get the following services included in the price:

✓ Upfront sparring to go through the individual business case

✓ Preparation of the presentation deck (based on existing material)

✓ Recording of the video presentation

✓ Short introduction to all signed-up investors sent 2 days before the conference

✓ 7 minute pitch at the conference + live Q&A with investors

✓ Follow-up assistance with each participating investor

✓ Follow-up assistance with signed-up but not-participating investors

The presenters will include: 

- PP Nordica: Upcycled, sustainable plastic fibers for concrete re-inforcement of concrete floors, plate-foundations, parts and building structures etc. »

- IX Water converts industrial contaminated water into an asset. Our proprietary and environmentally friendly machines for recycling contaminated water are half the cost of current methods and produces usable water for agriculture, water table recharge, and back into industrial uses..

Industry takes up to 40% of annual freshwater supplies. Providing industry a more effective and less costly manner to recycle their wastewater (instead of disposal) leaves more water for people.

IX Water licensed its technology from Los Alamos National Laboratory from a decade-long project specifically funded by the US Dept. of Energy and other sources to solve this enormous problem.

After seven years of product design and commercial testing, IX Water began marketing and sales of their products this year and already has several purchase orders.

IX Water is currently equity crowdfunding at This conference provides you an opportunity to learn about IX Water. Purchasing shares in the current crowdfunding will provide you information and the opportunity to participate in future, larger, rounds of capital acquisition. 

- ELEV8 Performance Products: Oil additives have always tried to fight friction by making the oil smoother. But friction is caused by the moving metal parts. ELEV8 decided to fight friction at the source: by making the metal smoother. So much smoother that you no longer have to sacrifice power to get better fuel economy or longer engine life. 

- 3D Solar: helps local residents harness powerful, clean energy through solar power systems.

US-based investors will participate on a pre sign-up basis to allow for CompanyCapital to send a few lines of each presenting company before the actual Web Funding session. We anticipate 50+ US and internationally based investors to take part in the conference.

Past investor participants included Translink Capital, Serval Ventures, Koev Brothers, Anchor Group, FasterCapital, 100X.VC, Oltre Venture, Magnivia Ventures, Starlight Investments, All Media Ventures, Italian Angels for Growth, KCG Capital among many others.

If your company is looking to present to a large investor audience in NorthAmerica, Europe and Asia this is the event for you. Get the full details of how to prepare for the event from Mr. Christian Koch Faerge, CompanyCaptial, at in Europe or Mr. Bryan Emerson at in the USA.


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  • General Admission

    Listen to the company presentations!

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  • Featured Entrepreneur Guest

    Non-presenting option for early-stage company owners who want to network with investors and see how they react to the pitches.

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