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Private Equity Forums - Technology - April 6, 2023
Private Equity Forums - Technology - April 6, 2023

Private Equity Forums - Technology - April 6, 2023

A select group of disruptive technology companies will present their investment opportunities online to high net worth angel investors, investment professionals, family offices and private equity funds. Starlight has hosted more than 120 investment conferences over 22 years.

Time & Location

Apr 06, 2023, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EDT

Online Conference

About the Event

Starlight Capital is pleased to invite you to our upcoming on-line forum where we feature compelling, innovative companies to meet interested investors.

Confirmed presenting companies to date include:

- TrustWrx (

- OXbyEL Technologies, Inc. (

- Impossible Metals (

- 3DOS (

- ECSite, Subbu Meiyappan,, 408 219 2808

- Salestable, Suresh Krishna Madhuvarsu, 510 456 6132

Agenda (noon EDT / 11 am Central / 10 Mountain / 9 Pacific - US and Canada)

12:00 Introduction by host 

12:15 Company Presentations (5 minute overviews followed by 5 minutes of Q&A each)

13:30 Conclusion of presentations. Continued informal networking online and/or Sponsor talk.

If you are currently raising capital, Starlight Capital helps in a variety of ways, depending on your needs. We can:

1) Expand your existing network of contacts to find investors.

2) Prepare or give you effective templates for offering documents, executive summaries, video and PowerPoint presentations.

3) Provide personalized introductions to investors

4) Provide call center staffers for cold calls or warm calls.

5) Serve as an investment banker or placement agent through Great Point Capital.

6) Accelerate your funding, registration, and documentation processes so you can execute your business plan.

Over 22 years, our in-person and on-line conferences have attracted individual and private equity investors. For an extensive list, please see

In addition, you can find 20 pages of testimonials from prior presenters

This event distinguishes itself from many other on-line events in several key respects. Here are a few of them:

1) Nearly 100% of the guests (not connected with the presenting companies) are active investors.

2) Quality presenting companies

3) Only a few companies are featured on the program which provides for high visibility to investors.

4) There are no concurrent activities or competing presentations. All companies present to the entire audience.

5) Company presentations are immediately followed by a question/answer period.

6) These are "deal-oriented" events. There are no panels or speakers that keep the spotlight from the presenters.

7) The majority of the attendees are principals of the private equity or venture capital firms whom they represent.

8) Featured companies benefit from the strong brand equity that we have built with investors over nearly 20 years.

If you believe that your company's potential is truly compelling and that management's vision can be effectively communicated, this private event will provide you with a unique platform to get your message across in "One Place and in One Day" to active serious investors who want to see fundable deals. Follow up and sales are up to you.

In order to make the event as transparent as possible to potential Presenters, we provide confirmed guest information in advance when it is available. In evaluating the value of this event as platform to showcase a company, we encourage entrepreneurs to look at the websites of the prior investment organizations listed on the event site. It provides detailed information on their portfolio companies, industry preferences, funding capabilities and investment criteria. 

Links to recent participants can be found at

Here is a link to those companies that either Starlight or Bryan Emerson funded or helped get funding:

Here is a link to those companies that I assisted with their funding through conferences:

Recordings of some of our past events can be found here:

Standards of Participation:

1. All participants must sign in with both first and last name. No initials or nicknames. Others will be removed from the waiting room and can log back in, if they wish, with a full name.

2. The chat room is a space to ask good questions of our presenting companies. Also, all participants are welcome to post their names and Linked URLs.  It is NOT a place to be negative or to advertise unsolicited services.

3. Free tickets are granted to active investors only. People who sign up for free but are not active investors can collaborate with us in other wise. Expect an email or call from us to discuss alternatives.

The presenter registration fee includes all expenses (server space, technician, virtual host, hardware) related to your participation in the online event, in addition to the following:

• Help in preparation for the event (templates and review of documents, video, and Q and A).

• Presentation at the event and live Q&A interaction

• Investor contacts after the event

• Additional exposure through our extensive network


Founder Advisors

Mitch Posada is a Managing Partner of Founder Advisors.  Founder Advisors works proactively with founder teams and provides the advisory and fractional work a company will need to overcome startup challenges.  See

Sales Catapult

James Watson is with Sales Catapult. The idea seems so obvious now: Create a path for experienced sales management professionals to become Outsourced Sales Leaders using proven tools and systems to serve small to mid-sized businesses. While “fractional” time consulting existed for CFOs and HR professionals.

Hudes Communications

Nelson Hudes runs Hudes Communications International, a PR firm that helps Public and Private companies get exposure through the media. This includes getting your company radio and television interviews, stories in newspapers as well as being featured in industry publications and magazines.  Nelson can be reached at, or at 905-660-9155 and you can book a meeting with him by going to his Calendly link which is

Bruce Badeau

Bruce Badeau has acquired deep insights through decades of structuring a wide variety of business challenges, which he uses to solve many business problems (

Paul Claxton,

Paul Claxton ( is a former U.S. Marine and Fortune 500 executive who co-founded Startup ROI. Startup ROI is a global innovation accelerator that helps AI founders build and grow ROI-driven products and scale their business from concept to market traction. Additionally, we build and incubate products from our ideation chamber, Startup Energy. Co-Founded by serial entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, Kiara Thomas of Konnectic Energy, and Paul Claxton of Reciprocity ROI, the accelerator ensures early founders have a solid foundation for growth in a number of areas such as access to staff, key partnerships, initial customers, financial backing, and essential resources. Additionally, the accelerator builds a community of mentors, investors, advisors, and like-minded founders to keep businesses on a steady growth trajectory to even greater ROI. Statistics and stories from the industry show that there is a pervasive support gap between the ROI – focused Venture Capitalists and the startups where they invest capital. Startups need a lot more support than just invested capital. We are not your typical entrepreneurs and investors. We only invest in companies we have closely worked with over time. Instead, we take senior operational or advisory roles, leveraging our revered reputation, experience, and network to drive, scale, and grow startups. Get Started. Go Up. Achieve ROI. Startup ROI.

Jim Huerta/The Nessa Group

Jim Huerta is with The Nessa Group, which is a consulting/advisory firm operated by experienced Senior and C-Suite Executives providing clients with the interdisciplinary communication proven skills and leadership guidance essential in designing and implementing strategies needed for client company’s growth and sustainability. See:

Charles Wilds

Charles Wilds is a business numbers guru. Charles is a strategic business advisor and executive coach group and has worked with leaders for over 30 years helping improve effectiveness and sustainability. He has a strategic assessment technology and process whereby he can show any company how to increase performance and profitability by $K thousand dollars in 30 minutes without spending a dollar. Connect with him at


The firm was established in 1986 to act as a financial consultant, investment bank, or principal in various business and financial transactions. With offices in NY and LA, the firm offers a range of consulting services, all related to capital formation and management consulting, within the global financial community. As investment Bankers, InVentures only works B-B. It raises debt and equity capital, arranges bridge and mezzanine financing, handle syndications, merger and acquisition, establish technology transfer and organizes other creative business structures. See:

Dan Conley

Dan Conley is the Founder and Managing Director of the nationwide group, Angels + Life.Sci Investors Network, organized under CEOs who want Dan’s help raising capital onboard him as their OnCallCFO for Fundable Teams. Dan has produced millions of dollars for his CEO Clients, resulting in two Unicorns, and now there are two more in the making. For 30-years, Dan has run the non-profit educational & training institute: Entrepreneurs University programs Dan and his Team of Angels, Coaches + Experts host monthly CEO Forums for promising Entrepreneurs, to help them prepare for, or improve their approach to capital providers. Dan helps make value-adding connections to resources, including to sources of capital resources – all with no strings attached. The best way to get in his door for a Fair Hearing with him & his Team is with a really good cover letter that explains what is in the deck and your Company's capitalization to date.

Alan Brody, Startupalooza

Alan Brody owns Startupalooza ( Startupalooza is the entry point for startups looking to reach the nation’s Angel VC Investors. With online or live pitching events every Wednesday in 8 major cities, we make it easy to meet local and national early stage Investors.

Great Point Capital

Great Point Capital (  Based in Chicago, with additional offices throughout the states, Great Point Capital is a full-service investment firm, focused on providing investment advice, middle market investment banking and facilitating extensive trading resources nationally. The firm has spent decades developing into a platform for advisors, brokers, and bankers to leverage and serve investors. Great Point's technology and service menu was built to accommodate high net worth individuals, families, institutions, corporate clients and professional traders.  Additionally, GPC showcases an expertise in a special purpose real estate transaction known as a DST which is highlighted by one of the most extensive platforms in the industry.

There is no fee to watch the Livestreaming portion of this event or to view it afterwards on YouTube.  Therefore, DO NOT click on any links asking you for pay a fee to watch either.  Report any such offers to us and we will take appropriate action.

For more information: Bryan Emerson, President,, 1 907 795 5586

This event has a group. You’re welcome to join the group once you register for the event.


  • Investor

    1. All participants must sign in with both first and last name. No initials or nicknames. 2. The chat room is a space to ask good questions of our presenting companies. Also, all participants are welcome to post their names and LinkedIn URLs. It is NOT a place to be negative or to advertise unsolicited services. 3. Free tickets are granted to active investors only. People who sign up for free but are not active investors can collaborate with us otherwise.

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  • Observer

    Observers tend to be business professionals and very early-stage entrepreneurs. Select Manual to pay with digital currency. You will be able to post your name and LinkedIn profile URL in the chat box during the conference (but no commercial messages, please). All participants must sign in with both first and last name. No initials or nicknames. Others will be removed from the waiting room but can log back in, if they wish, with full name.

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