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"The 1%" - Online Workshop
"The 1%" - Online Workshop

"The 1%" - Online Workshop

99% of startups fail. Find out why and how can Perception Engineering help your startup succeed.

Time & Location

Nov 04, 2020, 6:00 PM GMT+1 – Nov 05, 2020, 1:05 AM GMT+1

Online Conference


About the Event

The Startup Club and Heraldist & Wondermarks, present Perception Engineering, the new methodology created in the Valley, that lets you manage a company’s reputation, marketing & growth, all in one place, helping founders in the Valley, Europe & beyond, create products that can change the world. Perception Engineering plugs into your company and helps you manage how people see your products, in a strategic, holistic way.

Adrian Docea is the founder of Heraldist & Wondermarks, the leading Perception Engineering consultancy, founded in San Francisco and Europe. Heraldist works with tech companies such as Uber, Revolut, Appnomic, Brandcast, Moonfare, and other startups and scaleups from Silicon Valley, Europe & Beyond. Previously, Adrian served as Director of Strategy at BBDO, the most awarded creative consultancy in the world.

“Build it and they’ll come”

...they say

The popular mantra in the Valley & the tech industry worldwide.

And then you spend incredible resources building it.

And they don't come.

1% Success

Two million new tech companies are being founded each year worldwide.

Only 1% will grow into successful companies.

And only 0,01% will be unicorns.

Why do startups fail?

And how can you do to help your startup succeed?

Product Engineering Vs. Perception Engineering

It’s not that the product isn’t good enough. It’s that the product isn't everything. And founders only realize this when it’s already too late.

Most companies spend most of their energy getting the first half right. But it’s the second part that really makes the difference between the 99% and the 1%. Most startups build rather decent products. And then, they go bankrupt.

Not because the product isn’t good enough. But because people don’t PERCEIVE that product as being different enough. Interesting enough. Valuable enough.

While founders are busy building new features that might not be essential for the product’s success, “the 1%” invest in building the desired perception, because they know that in the marketplace, perception is reality. And the science of managing the way your product and your company is perceived, in a holistic, and strategic way, is called Perception Engineering.


Nov 4th, 2020

9 AM San Francisco time

6 PM Amsterdam time

Online Workshop


1. You will learn how to use Perception Engineering and captivate your customers, by getting them to connect with your story.

2. You will learn how Perception Engineering and Product Engineering can work together to help you build a successful business, against all odds.

3. You will learn how the Archetypal Strategies can help your startup develop a unique and powerful voice in the world.

4. You will learn how everything is connected, from your social media activity to UX design, Product-Value-Proposition, and how it's expressed.

5. You will learn how to break through the clutter and get yourself heard, in a crowded environment, where attention is the most precious resource.

We all believe our product or service is the “best”. But your customers don’t make purchase decisions on what we think. They have to believe you have something they need, by connecting emotionally with your story.

Perception Engineering.

It's science.

It's an unfair advantage.

It works.

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