Meet the Founding Team

Bryan Emerson

Founder and President of Starlight Capital, and one of the two Co-Founders of New York Private Equity Forums, Bryan is the COO of Startup Club. With vast experience in helping startups secure funding and grow, Bryan now manages the Startup Club team globally.  

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Olga Kuznietsova

Previously founder of Milan Entrepreneurship Network, is the CEO of Startup Club. With Bachelor from King’s College London and Masters from Universita Bocconi, Olga has vast experience in digital communications and event management. 

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Oliver Doering

With over 30 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry and vast network in the startup ecosystem, Oliver is CFO of Startup Club. He created and now manages our global online community, including social groups and our email database.

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Meet the Managers

Jamal Maxey (Director Germany)


Women in Tech, Edtech, and GreenTech enthusiast and entrepreneur - innovating with digital Montessori education and developing a Green Innovation Technology Park. Owner at - open for partnerships with local Berlin businesses.

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Belinda Wong (Manager China)


Author and Director of Leader Corporate Services Limited. Member of SME committee and Taxation Committee of the HK General Chamber of Commerce. 

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Sohini Ghosh (Public Relations Manager)

Lead Manager at Startup Club. A Linguist and Researcher with Bachelors at Asutosh College, Calcutta University, India and Mastered From Jadavpur University, India believes in hard work and dedication in every work taken up by her.

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Usama Umalki (Manager UAE)


Savvy Operations Senior Executive in Healthcare Field with reputation for delivering inventive business strategies and client-focused solutions. Broad experience building profitable start-up divisions, growth business lines, deal transactions and streamlined operations.


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Ayesha Khatoon (Vice-President India)


An experienced CEO with a clear history of working in the hospitality industry and a strong professional in business development.


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Gary Turner (Manager Washington)

With over 25 years of experience in business and enterprise technology, Gary worked with companies like Microsoft and helped start several small businesses. He is also the founder and COO of the Commercial Capital Advisors Network. 

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Oliver Martin Seitz (Director Brazil)


Solid career developed in national and multinational companies in the Financial and Services Provision areas such as Munich Re Group, Thyssen Krupp, KPMG. Consultant for Investors in Europe, Americas and in Executive Committees and Boards of Directors.

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Stephen Brewer (Vice President USA)


Formerly a licensed Texas Real Estate Broker. President of ASG Corporate Finance, Inc. with 50 years of experience in funding companies

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