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The Startup Club is a fast growing online startup and entrepreneur community. It consists of a growing portfolio of more than 500 networking groups with more than 25,000 group members with a specialization in the global Startup Ecosystem on a diverse range of social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Xing, Viadeo and Facebook.

Team:  Olga Kuznietsova, previously founder of Milan Entrepreneurship Network. Currently completing her Masters in Bocconi and leading the Pitch Night in Milan.  Oliver Döring has worked in the Financial Services Industry for more than 30 years, with a great deal of international experience. He founded The Startup Club and is growing its online community.  Bryan Emerson is a co-founder.

Stephen M Brewer President Founder

American Philanthropic Ventures Association

Organize and educate key corporate philanthropy, foundations, family offices and philanthropic investors about opportunities and benefits of providing funding for emerging medical life sciences and environmental technology companies.  Stephen M. Brewer, President and Founder.  His YouTube interview with Michael Yorba is here:

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