• Best Value

    AdWords Marketing

    Get additional exposure to new, potential investors
    • Test the effectiveness and cost of verious keywords and ads
    • Learn costs per click and impression by keyword
  • Website Membership

    Every month
    Get access to the internal features of the website!
    • Interact with other members via forums
    • Network and discuss interesting issues and news
    • Find like-minded entrepreneurs and investors
  • Pitch Preparation

    Pre-conference preparation package
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • - Provision of the pitch deck template
    • - Feedback on the presentation
    • - Preparation and editing of the pitch deck
    • - Perfecting draft presentation in terms of visual aspects
    • - Recording of the video pitch via Zoom
    • - Professional editing of the video pitch
  • Event Sponsorship

    Sponsor an event
    Valid for one month
    • Flagship sponsor with a dedicated note on website
    • Logo with link will appear on all online groups/events
    • Speaker slot and special thanks at event
    • Attendee lists with contact information afterwards
  • Capital Formation

    Preparation for Pre-Investment Prospecting
    Valid for one month
    • Investment bankers to prepare company for funding
    • Critique of executive summary and proposed presentation
    • Review of third-party due diligence report
    • Referrals for lead procurement, appointment setting
    • Assist with social media marketing strategy
    • Propose secure document access and execution platform
  • Due Diligence Guide

    Perfect starter before seeking legal or financial advice
    Valid for one month
    • 36 page workbook to help you get ready for funding