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Updated: Jul 5, 2020

On Saturday the 30th of June, Starlight Capital and The Startup Club gladly hosted an online private equity investor networking conference.

Presented by Stephen Brewer, our Vice President, this exciting event hosted a select group of development companies and real estate investment to present their latest real estate investment opportunities to angel investors, investment professionals, private equity funds, and family offices.

Startups not only gained global exposure, but also additional nominations for real estate investment projects amounting to $ 50 million! To find out more, watch the full event recording:

Firstly, we would like to thank the 70+ investors who participated - Hartman Income REIT, Silverfern Real Estate Partners, SouthStar Bank, Acuity Partners, Murdock Capital Partners, Avis Realty Partners, Insight Properties LLC, Griffin Partners and many others!

Secondly, and importantly, we would like to congratulate all six brilliant companies that presented:

Following the success of the conference, we are pleased to present the II Edition of the event happening on August 4th. For more details and more upcoming events, visit By Toqa Emad, The Startup Club Marketing Executive

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