How to make your dreams a reality: The 5 fundamentals of creating and growing a startup

When it comes to creating a startup, it can be difficult to know where to begin. The idea of making your dream a reality can be daunting. Therefore, the Startup Club has collated their 5 top tips on how to create and grow your business.

1. Research your idea and make it unique

Before you create a business, it is essential to conduct market research in your field. This could involve running surveys for your target market or holding a focus group. By researching a similar product, it will be easier to identify what makes your business unique.

2. Content

Be active online and publish content regularly, whether this is on a blog, website or social media. Also, ensure that the content that is posted is professional and directly relates back to your business/ industry. By adding images and videos, this will further engage users. Ensure you also have an email subscriber list, which can be easily be created by hosting competitions or adding an opt-in form on your website. By creating an online brand, you will create a stronger following of consumers who will buy your products.

3. Social Media

On social media, try to create content that users will want to share with their friends and family, ensuring that your company logo is visible. Be active, reply to comments, repost relevant news and let users know about upcoming events or new products! Try out different social media platforms and see which work the best for your business.

4. Networking

An essential part of starting a business is networking and finding potential investors to help you expand your business. At the Startup Club, we host unique Pitch Nights where startups are able to pitch their ideas to our established investors all around the globe. The types of Pitch Nights that we offer are hosted by individual countries, such as our upcoming Startup France Club Online Pitch Night on June 12, or specific to a particular industry, such as Real Estate and Fashion. Be sure to check out our wide variety of events over at

5. Get started!

Finally, the most important thing to remember when creating a business is to be proactive and get started! Even though preparation before starting a business is essential, most things will not go entirely to plan. As we have seen throughout the current global pandemic, the most successful businesses are the ones that are able to adapt to the changing climate.

So, what are you waiting for? Pitch your idea at one of our upcoming online events to our carefully selected investors, or use our consulting services to further your business.

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By Harriet Baldwin, The Startup Club Marketing Executive

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