Our First USA Online Pitch Night

Updated: May 28, 2020

On Wednesday, May 13, Starlight Capital and The Startup Club successfully hosted the first

USA Online Pitch Night, organised by Bryan Emerson and Steve Brewer. We had 7 presenting companies from around the world and nearly 100 investors guests from all over the US.

Firstly we would like to thank the companies that were involved, who all gave some great pitches:

● SpecNano ( )

● Ascent Care Partners (

● Floodlight Software ( )

● Deep Recognition Technology ( )

● Expansion Ammunition (

● medlingo

● IPOP Press, Inc. ( )

● Bruce Marcus from HAIL

Our unique Online Pitch nights give the opportunity for companies globally to access investors from around the world, which otherwise they would not have access to. This allows companies to go outside of your existing network of contacts to find investors.

We’ve adapted to moving online during COVID-19, meaning that networking and expanding businesses globally is easier than ever and can happen without the need for travel.

To find out more our USA Online Pitch Night is available to view on YouTube:

If you are looking to raise capital and connect with investors, please attend our European Investment Networking Forum on June 24

By Harriet Baldwin, The Startup Club Marketing Executive

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