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Updated: Jun 24, 2020

We hope that everyone is doing well and safe during this challenging and uncertain time. With the pandemic going on, starting or developing your startup could be a difficult task as the world has been moving slower than before. We want to share three simple tips on what you could do for your startup with your time at home!

1. Associate with people who are passionate about what you are doing:

Some people do not realise the importance of ‘networking’. Knowing and working with the right and like-minded people will undoubtedly make a significant impact on your business’ performance. Maximise your network, get in touch with them, or find someone who can introduce you to them to increase your chances of starting the conversation with them. Plus, many people are working from home and are in the same situation, so they would likely be more than happy to network with you.

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2. Invest in yourself:

Investment does not have to be putting your money into something. You can also invest in yourself by learning something new every day. Learning more about entrepreneurship is crucial when building a startup. Still, you can also find out more about current global events to keep up with the current trend; new skill sets to utilise them on your startup or even solidify what you already know by starting a course relating to your specialisations!

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3. Share what you are doing with the world:

Working and focusing on your startup is excellent. But good PR will take your startup to the next level. You can start with publishing your very own thought-leadership pieces and share them on your platforms, talking about what you have accomplished or what you have been doing. Or you can even join one of our many Pitch Nights and Investor Funding events here.

Last but not least, stay positive and remember that we are going to get through this together! If you have anything that you would like to add, please feel free to comment below!

Article by Pitchayut Siriapaipan, The Startup Club Marketing Executive

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