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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

What is the Business Empowerment methodology, and how can it empower your business offering? Today we sit with Rinat Keinan, founder of the Winning Pitch and author of the recently published “The Business Empowerment Guide Book”, to find out more!

Most idea generators quit in the early stage, 30% don’t vest after 1 year, and 50% don’t make it over time. According to Rinat, using the Business Empowerment approach, idea generators can have the guidance and confidence to empower their idea into the best business offering! Instead of wasting time on wrong decisions, the method helps entrepreneurs identify the highest demand areas and focus on business creation, branding, and communication!

With over 12 years of experience in the field as a Senior Marketing Manager for global leading brands such as Teva & Unilever, Rinat has received high achievement awards for business & strategy success, in various marketing positions. Building on this experience, Rinat has developed unique business strategy techniques that can quickly and easily improve the business results for any business idea, at any stage.

So how does Business Empowerment work, and how can it help your business succeed?

The Business Empowerment approach leverages the accessible knowledgeability in every aspect of the business journey, helping idea generators expand business possibilities, prioritize the best fit, and focus on the highest feasibility empowerment of the business offering. More specifically, it helps companies focus on the right questions – identifying the fit demand, maximizing brand positioning and others – from the strategy until the go-to-market stages of your business.

The Business Empowerment book, in particular, provides 8 simple steps to master the business path, without a long time processing. Based on more than 30 best practice stories of leading brands, startup case studies, and personal entrepreneurial stories, this book covers the main aspects in business development – from finding the best business opportunity to strategically planning the business sales & marketing to reach the highest demand feasibility.

The Business Empowerment Guide Book reached Amazon 1#bestseller in 3 categories in the first 48 hours launch and is now Amazon #1 new release.

Exclusively until July 23, the print book will be at a cost price of only $9.9, available here on Amazon.

If you are an entrepreneur or planning to start, this result-driven book will provide you the confidence to make the best decisions toward your business success!

Written by The Startup Club CEO, Olga Kuznietsova

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