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Welcome to The Startup Club - a fast growing online startup and entrepreneur community. We currently manage a network of 500 social groups on LinkedIn, Xing and Facebook with more than 40,000 group members, and we are constantly expanding. 

Our vision is to become the one-stop-shop for the global startup community, organizing Startup Club Events for the startup ecosystem in cities all over the world.

Our mission is to become the most actively sought source of pitch-related events and information for entrepreneurs, early stage investors and the startup community across all industries and regions

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Announcing new partner in Paris

Startup Club is proud to announce new partnership in France - Starway coworking.


Since its establishment in 2008, Starway has grown to a network of 30 coworking spaces across France, with over 5,000 workers using their offices. 

Startup Club will host its first Paris Pitch Night on March 4th at Startway Ponthieu.

Social Media Consulting

Startup Club is now offering Social Media Consulting service to companies of all sizes. From reviewing your social media strategy to creating wholesome editorial plan, we are excited to work with you to help build up your brand.  


Our CEO has extensive experience consulting startups on their social media, marketing, and public relations strategies. Olga has a Masters Degree in Media Management and has worked for Christian Dior in Digital Communications. 

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Upcoming events

Partnership in Nigeria

Startup Club signs a partnership agreement with Tomruk iHub Multiverse, aimed at delivering a world-class SMSGAfrica conference by incubating 50 entrepreneurs with 5 startups pitching to investors globally. 

The partnership will give startups in Africa international exposure and opportunity to reach foreign markets and investors. 

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Past events...

Pitch Night @ Talent Garden Milan

Our last Pitch Night of the year took place in collaboration with Talent Garden Calabiana, who hosted us for the event, and with NIO Cocktails, who provided us with delicious drinks during networking. 

Startups: Axess4you, RBM, Partner Hero, NeN, Hibye, Fortunito

Advisory Panel: Angel4Women, Seed Money, Go Beyond Consulting, TAG

Pitch Night @ Spaces Isola

For our 5th Pitch Night, The Startup Club partnered with Spaces Isola, a coworking space in the heart of Milan's creative district. Originating in Amsterdam, Spaces has a network of coworking in over 250 cities around the globe.

Startups: Makeup Cafe, Wavenure, Camicia on Demand, FiPEM, Shootty, Artknit Studios

Advisory Panel: Italian Angels for Growth, P101, Star Tech Ventures

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Pitch Night @ Le Village

For our fourth Pitch Night, The Startup Club partnered with Le Village - a startup accelerator by Credit Agricole. We also hosted a very special guest from France, Qonto, came for a presentation about te future of mobile banking. 

Startups: Mitivest, up2u, Promile, GoGoBus, PatchAI, Magicart. 

Advisory Panel: Italian Angels for Growth, Le Village, Joint Italian Arab Chamber for Growth, Indaco Ventures and Assolombarda.

Meet our CEO

Olga has a Masters degree in

Media Management from Bocconi

University. She obtained her Bachelor

from King's College London, and has

extensive experience in events and

community management, as well as social media and communications. Apart from leading Startup Club, Olga is working for Christian Dior in Digital Communications. 

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Pitch Night @ Spazio Cantoni

Spazio Cantoni hosted The Startup Club Pitch Night on May 7th, 2019. This was the first event with the Advisory Panel, which evaluated the pitches and gave feedback to the startups present. 

Startups: Global Marketing Solutions, aeNigmanet, Hotbox Food, Ream, Sommelier Wine Box. 

Advisory Panel: Italian Angels for Growth, Innogest, Polihub, Le Village, Bocconi

Pitch Night @ Idea Factory

Our second Pitch Night took place at Idea Factory on March 14th, 2019. Startup Club doesn't only offer the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs but also to get valuable feedback about your pitching skills and business ideas. 

Startups: Square, CommuniChiamo, aeNigmanet, EatsReady, Daily Internship. 

Pitch Night @ Flexworking

The first ever Startup Club Pitch Night took place on January 31st, 2019 in partnership with Flexworking coworking space. The evening included a series of startup pitches and a networking aperitivo with members of Flexworking. 

Startups: DaVinci Healthcare, Gardenstuff, Glofu, Kimberley Afonso.