Testimonials received from conference participants include:


Hi Bryan,


On behalf of VanAsia Capital Corp, I wanted to thank you for inviting us today. It was more than interesting, and you had some really good presenters. Overall the summit was well-organized and high quality. Hopefully this session will result in future business for both of us!


Best regards,


Dr. Ted Robinson

Director, VaAsia Capital Corp.

Hey, Bryan.  Fab Forum today!  Thanks for the opportunity to participate.  You know, of course, how excited I am about NTS Innovations and Tom made a super presentation.  Among the investor participants, [and perhaps you want to wait for feedback], are there any you might identify as worthy targets for NTS to pursue?  How about, for example, Dan Loague?  Or, Jack McHugh?  Now Jack might be in the wrong "space" for NTS, but if so, he likely will have a recommendation about others.  And Gary Bizzo, do you think, networking to him, Bryan, might be helpful?  Think it over and let's follow up together.  AND, Bryan, thanks for the shout out in the wrap-up session!!  That gave me and NTS another "bite" at the "apple", just a reminder to the participants about us.  MUCH appreciated! 

Waterotor Energy Technologies, President - I've already sent out follow-up emails to the people with whom I spoke at the conference and look forward to your suggestions on how to make the most of this information. This was the best event of its kind that I have attended."

Futurestay, President - "Thanks very, very much for the follow-up email - as well as your initial invitation to the event. It certainly did not disappoint! My partner and I met many entrepreneurs and investors throughout the VC/PE and Angel realms…"

Kohler Company, Manager Special Projects – "I appreciate this email you have distributed. I surely benefited from attending. I received cards from Westwind Investors, Landmark Angels, - Westwood Capital, GE Capital… still need to contact Vinart Corp Capital Mgmt. and Blackhorse Advisors. Thanks."

Titralyte, President - “I really enjoyed the event yesterday. Definitely first-class. There was a lot of excitement about our technology. I hope I can turn that into checks fairly quickly!”

QoL Devices, Managing Partner - “I want to thanks you both very much for the opportunity to meet the people at the conference. I was very impressed with the quality of the people as well the overall organization of the event which was both productive and enjoyable.”

One Number Solution, Vice-President of Technology - "I wanted to take a minute and give you my deepest “THANKS” for your assistance in making ONS, Inc’s participation in the Venture Capital West Forum possible. Without your help, we would not have been able to participate and meet so many great investors and presenters. Again “Thank you.”

Architecting The Future, Managing Partner and CEO – “Thanks again for accommodating us yesterday as we seek to provide support for Biosortia's very positive future. It was also a pleasure to finally be able to see one of your events in person - I have been getting your invitations for many years. It was good to meet everyone in person and recognize the value you provide in connecting investors to investment opportunities.”

Turanto, President – “Thank you - we sincerely appreciate all the phone calls and the outstanding feature introduction you provided at the conference for Turanto. I will follow up with the companies (investors) below and get you the contact info for all that we did speak with. Again, yours was the first event of its kind I have ever attended and I did get a lot out of it, thanks to the event format itself, your advice, and the process outlined in your initial emails.”

Simply Grid, COO - “Thank you for the opportunity to participate in today's event. We made a number of great contacts and are looking forward to seeing what we can make of them.

Intilop, President - "It really was a great Forum last Thursday. You guys have a done a wonderful job of organizing it. I truly enjoyed it. I have about 4-5 potential investors had shown interest who we will be following up with."

Cahaba River Camera Solutions, President - "...We enjoyed our time at the forum… it was all you represented it to be plus."

Acumera, President - "Thanks for putting on a productive and well-run conference!  I look forward to getting the list of folks (7 more investment groups) who expressed an interest in Acumera after you get a chance to compile the survey results. I have followed up with four of the people we met with yesterday, and I will let you know how that goes. Thanks again for your support and counsel on Acumera's inclusion in your conference…"

Energy Independence Partners - "...Just wanted to thank you for having (us) at the event. I thought it was really well put together and will be recommending some folks to come to your upcoming conferences as well…"

Hotshot USA, President – “I just wanted to thank you for all your help. You put on a first class event. I received amazing response from the attendees. I have already followed up on all the leads, 30 business cards. Everyone was very helpful, even if they couldn’t invest, they offered to refer potential investors. It was definitely worth doing the presentation. I look forward to receiving any information on interested parties from your survey. I hope you enjoyed the coffee!”

Corporate Capital Group, President - "Joe Davids and his team were most impressed with the professionalism of the event and we have had a very gratifying level of interest from many attendees. We have had follow up discussions and meetings with several parties and have a number of conference calls scheduled. In addition to the parties on your list, the following are also interested in Galuku: Mindshare Holdings…Top-Hat Capital …Subsidy Insight … NJ Angels - Rewrap Ventures…"

Patron Technology, CEO - "I thought the event we participated in was very good, very well run, and worth our time and investment..."

MySmartSimulations, President & CEO - "The event went well for us and I will keep you posted on who we get traction with. I will call everyone! This was our first time at this event…I plan to pass this on to others. Thank you…"

Secure Outcomes, President - "I appreciate you inviting me to your conference. It was very worthwhile and I will do as you suggest with my follow ups. Also, don't hesitate to use me as a reference if you ever need that…"

Enlighten Technologies, President & CEO - "Once again on behalf of enlighten technologies, inc. and ourselves personally, we would like to thank you for the wonderful courtesies and gracious hosting that you and your entire staff provided to us this past week at the Private Equity Forum. Your entire operation, organization and staff are unquestionably first class in every respect. You can certainly be proud of what you have placed together and done for both the entrepreneur and the investor.

Additionally we wish to thank you for your prompt follow-up e-mail and attachments relative to the potential investors who have shown an interest in our company. For you to do that for everyone demonstrates your dedication to both the detail and the great reputation that you have established and earned. In regard to "follow-up" please be advised that we have already begun to make calls and have already received some response. On Monday, December 5, we also formulated our own in-house analysis of the various parties who we met at [the conference]. We will keep you informed of the results and the progress that unfolds from this point forward. Once again, thank you."

Three Ring, CEO and Founder - “The event was very well done. We found a lot of interest from investors of all stripes and even made connections outside the investing world in the education space. Thanks so much for your help in getting us there and for all your efforts putting on the event….”

Funium, President and CEO - “Bryan, Thank you for your detailed reports and follow up suggestions.  I have already contacted all people you have suggested in your e mail and they asked I send them information via e mail…We actually have quite a few more people interested that are not on the list and as you asked to be informed about them so you can follow up as well I will list them below…”


Neocell, CEO and Founder - “Thanks for sending me more helpful information. I have been speaking with interested investors & plan to meet with some of them next week. The event was wonderful. I am glad I had a prototype sample with me….”


Speedilicious Beverages, CEO and Founder - “It was a great VC event!  I wanted to thank you and your team for a wonderful event. I met over 14 interested people and I will make calls tomorrow. I will review the information below. Thanks again.”


Brainscape, President and Founder - “Thanks for this. I'm actually in touch with Palm Ventures…. already, but I didn't know that Lightship Partners was interested. I'll go ahead and reach out to him, following your advice. Thanks again for putting this great event together and working so hard to connect me with good people. I'll be sure to keep you posted on how my round comes together.”


EcoThermics, Chairman & CEO - “Thanks much for an excellent event!  Nicely done!”


Koala Tools, CEO & Co-Founder - "First, let me thank you for putting on a spectacular event. We met a wide range of interesting (and hopefully 'interested') investors. We are following up with some really good leads and are optimistic that it will lead to successful funding. Also, thank you for providing such a comprehensive and well-advised follow-up email to the event. The following are people that expressed the most interest in Koala Tools…. Donald Sussis - Structured Portfolio Management, J. Keith Yonkers - 41-North Advisors, J. Peter Foster - MacLean Wealth Management, Stephen M. Pelletier -Viacode, Alfredo Angel - Estrategias Moviles, Samuel Occhipinti -Venture Partners Capital, Alan Hirsch - Lion Partners, Stan Altschuler - Strategic Universal Advisors, John Zukowski - Charms Investments. Again, thank up for all of your assistance and advise… "


BitRage NOVIS, President - “Great event. Best I've ever attended, and most focused and well-constructed. Walked away with 27 cards, 4-8 sincere investors advising of interest in investing, and many could not get to talk with us directly at the breakout, as we were too crowded. Caught up with many (investors) at the various opportunities to socialize. Will keep you posted on our success...I will follow your recommendations, as your advice so far has been invaluable. Thanks again.”


MJ Licensing Company, Counsel - I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic event at the Yale Club on February 27!  As usual, you were charming and very funny, but more importantly, you put together a very-well organized event with more than 100 sources of capital and many very impressive companies that presented. Your events are by far the best I've ever attended - having attended a very large number. I have invested (along with my colleagues) in companies which have presented at your events, and I always evangelize those companies I meet there that present a good return to potential investors in my substantial network. You are the best, and I so look forward to the next one!!


Speak-n-Find, President - "My Partners and I thank you for a wonderful day at the Yale Club, which we believe was very positive for us and our efforts to raise money. It was perfectly managed and we appreciate the time and effort that was required to accomplish that…in the meantime, our sincere thanks again… / Dear Ellen, (Executive Director of the Tri-State Private Investors Network who referred the company) I want to thank you for making it possible for me and my team to be at [the] Yale Club Forum. We each found it exhilarating and the exposure which we got is very valuable."


Requis Pharmaceuticals, President - "…I want to thank you for the opportunity to present at last week's meeting at the Yale Club which was the real highlight. It was well organized and attended, and we made a lot of good contacts. Overall, thoroughly worthwhile."


Starr Associates, Due Diligence Advisor - “Thank you very much for the invitation to participate in Private Equity XLV last Thursday 27 June. It was a pleasure to meet you both at the Yale Club. I really enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of this outstanding event...”


InvoiceSharing, President - …“I enjoyed the PE Forum last week, and met a nice group of people. Follow-up has started. I will follow-up the people below as well and keep you informed… A good start in NYC ! Based on all the positive feedback, we feel strongly to open a NYC office soon. Thanks again and I keep you posted.”


Nubisa, President - “Hi Bryan, Thank you very much for the email. It was very nice meeting you and [co-host] in person. It was a great event and experience for us. We’ll start following up with those investors listed in your email on Monday. We’ll keep you posted on our progress….”


Starr Associates, Founder – “Thank you for extending the courtesy for [two associates] and I at the June meeting. Kit, who did attend another NY meeting last week and also one in Dublin was very complimentary of the professional, courteous, and efficient meeting management compared to the others mentioned. I attribute that to your team members. Kit is on the STAR due diligence team evaluating an Investment in DIIG, who presented at the last Summit. We are starting discussions with ImmunoPhotonics, Biosortia, Invoice Sharing and Detect Ready…”


20/20 GeneSystems, President & CEO - "Thanks again for a fantastic event last week. Per your request today, attached are the attendees (31 investors) whom we met and expressed at least preliminary interest in our company. We plan to reach out to these contacts and those on the list you provided this week…"


Strutz, President - "Congratulations on a well done event and thank you again…for inviting Strutz to participate at the Private Equity Forum last week. The Forum was both helpful and informative. Our group was able to network with investors who expressed an interest in the investment opportunities offered by our company. Also, we were able to meet and speak with other entrepreneurs about how they are funding and building their businesses. This week and next Paul and I will be contacting the individuals we met, particularly those that expressed interest in Strutz…"


DoughMain, President & Founder - "Thank you for allowing me to attend the Private Equity Event at the Yale Club last Thursday. I was able to meet about 30 people and about 10 expressed interest in learning more about DoughMain… The afternoon and reception immediately following were worthwhile and productive and again, I appreciate being a part of the day."

Your Inspiration at Home, CEO and Founder - “Thank you for having us present at the event!  It was a great venue and the quality of the guests was fantastic. I learned a lot and am excited about the prospective investors that we spoke to. I will be following up this week as I am back to New York…. Again, thank you for having us there!”


Sabik Medical, CEO and Founder - “Thank you again for the opportunity to participate in your Private Equity event in NYC last week. An impressive meeting, and list of attendees, and efficiently run…” According to Sabik, among their potentially interested investors were “Ecoban Securities…, Meyers Associates…, Oxford Bioscience Partners…, World Tech Ventures…, Cypress Associates…, Alpha Capital Holdings…, Genero Capital Partners… and Meidlinger Partners…”

Network of Business Angels & Investors, Founder and Managing Director - "I have found that the capital community in NYC, Boston and the surrounding areas just want to look at good deals and don't seem to have a hard and fast "in my backyard" mentality. That is why the "National Angel-VC Summit & Capital Investment Forum" scheduled for Nov 30th is such a great opportunity for emerging growth and expansion stage companies to present to and interact with private and institutional investors who are actively seeking to put capital to work in the near future. I have been attending this event for over 6 years and have never been disappointed ….. I have also found it to be a great event to meet new funding sources for future reference."


The Triune Initiative, Founder - “Thank you for a great conference” - Dear Bryan, “Thank you for co-sponsoring the Private Equity Conference at the Yale Club New York in September. As a former educator turned recent entrepreneur, I was hesitant to attend an event of this magnitude because I was in the initial stages of product development, and I feared that the aspirant nature of my business repertoire would be perceived as a detriment. However, to my surprise it was just the opposite.


Attending the Private Equity Conference has proven to be one of the best decisions I have made to date. The aggregative demographic of your attendees afforded me the opportunity to network with potential clients and investors while increasing my awareness of the business perspective. Both entrepreneurs and investors, alike, offered industry insights, constructive feedback and potential resources that will ultimately improve my product and my executive efficacies. My original goal was to obtain funding, but I walked away with so much more: experience, knowledge, leads and four mentors who have agreed to assist me in navigating the start-up process.


Again, I want to thank you, Starlight Investments and [co-host] for this amazing opportunity. For new entrepreneurs, the business world can be intimidating and very overwhelming, but I left your event feeling confident and encouraged. Even though most participants were further along in their endeavors, there were significant benefits for those in the seed and start-up phases, too. Thus, I hope that others who find themselves at the onset of corporate development realize the value of your Private Equity Conferences.”


Hilin Life Products, Chief Executive Officer - "Many thanks for a great Event and opportunity to present Hilin LP. It was great experience and pleasure being a part of your Forum.  Personal thank you for attention and support you gave to my company and for dinner later in the evening. I will follow your instruction and plan to work on "follow up" this Thursday and Friday. I will be in touch with you shortly. Thanks a lot! Take care…Warmest regards."


Milton Capital Holdings, Managing Partner Representative of Presenting Company, Alquimi Solar - "I thought that the PE Forum was extremely well done. Both of you put together a great event with good speakers, high-end investors, and other attendees. All of the Alquimi Solar guys and I found it to be an excellent venue to network and make valuable contacts with investors. Peter and I look forward to attending the next one in NYC……I wanted to follow up on our discussion about your willingness to make selective introductions to VC firms or other investors where [co-host] or you have contacts. Such introduction(s) would greatly facilitate my ability to talk directly with a partner/principal about their interest in the two renewable energy deals on which our firm is raising equity growth capital….Thanks in advance for your help and support."


Technology Concepts Group International, CFO Advisor to Company - "I wanted to thank you for inviting TCGi to your Private Equity Investor Forum. It was extremely well done and offered emerging businesses the chance to exhibit their value proposition to potential capital providers. I applaud your efforts."


OtoKinetics, President - "Thanks for the great follow-up email. I’m delighted to hear that there are more people interested in OtoKinetics. Here’s a list of the people that I met on Friday that are interested in learning more about my deal: Rod Simon / Shelley Goodman. Partners in KCGI and Eureka! Biosciences; Don Klaiss, Sand Hill Angels - remembered seeing our deal on the Angel Network… Albert Aimers, CEO – Junior Capital, Former CEO Sonus Solutions a hearing aid distributor; Bill Thatcher, Endeavour Capital, a New Zealand based fund. He put a “check mark” in the book beside OtoKinetics and was pleasantly surprised to see us there in person. Wants to learn more and gave me his email address ….Roger King, Founder - Bay Angels, a new Angel group in Sausalito…He and I are already in contact..."


Sedona Energy Labs, Vice President, Marketing & Sales - “This was an extremely well organized, entrepreneur-friendly event. The quality of the investors was very high and the atmosphere created by [co-host] and his team made it easy to connect and interact. The format of a few presentations followed a breakout session was a great way to keep things moving and worked really well allowing a lot of interaction between entrepreneurs and investors. We really appreciated the follow up by [co-host]’s team providing not only the contact list, but separately listing those investors who were in interested in our opportunity so we could follow up with them quickly. I would recommend [co-host]’s events to anyone interested in raising funds.”


Advisor to Protectus Medical Devices (Reporting back to company.) - "Good morning. What a wonderful Forum on Thursday, hands down, the best fund raising and networking opportunity I have ever attended, ever!  [Co-host] has something very special in the Angel and VC Forum. Just read the email I have forwarded and you will get a sense of what I am talking about. This is how it should be done, this is this is the way to do it!  I have attached a handful of Business Cards of Individuals and Funds that I personally talked with that would like a follow up today. As well in [co-host]'s email you will see a list consisting of Angels and Funds that acknowledged in the questionnaire they filled out that they have an interest in Protectus and would like a follow up. I will follow up with everyone today with the aim of setting up a conference call with you and the interested parties this week……Thanks, talk with you later. Regards"


Area Media Inc., President - "I wanted to thank you again for inviting Area to attend the Private Equity Forum yesterday. It was a great opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs and both Bob and I were impressed with the representation of both Angel and VC investors. I look forward to the next conference. Best,"


CFC AirCar, President - "Bryan, Thanks again for all your hard work. You both did an amazing job putting on this event. We made several key contacts and will follow-up will all interested investors per your instructions below."


Accordion Partners, Business Development - "I wanted to thank you again for inviting me to the event yesterday. I really enjoyed learning about some of those companies and have already mentioned some of them to some of our PE clients/investment firms. I made some great connections …… I also had a great conversation with Sebastian from TC and will follow up with him as well. One of my guests was an MD from Berkery Noyes who quite impressed with the event, especially Tutorial Channel. ….. Thanks again – have a great weekend and look forward to meeting soon."


SignaBlok, President - "First of all, thank you very much for this great opportunity to participate in the Private Equity Forum. This is one of the most important and useful meetings I have ever attended. I was very impressed by extremely thoughtful organization of the meeting and the way how everything (including small technical details) was done to increase productivity and efficiency. Since our first talk over the phone, I thought that this Forum should be extremely useful and important. However, its organization and pre- and follow-up support exceeded all my expectations in many regards, including the depth of information supplied and your invaluable feedback.


Thank you so much for all your efforts and invaluable help! You have done a great job with this Forum and I really appreciate your ongoing, encouraging support. On a separate note, I would very much like to thank you for the invaluable follow-up information that you have sent me today. This is priceless advice and information. I highly appreciate it……. I will certainly keep you informed on our progress as we follow-up with investors.


With best regards, many thanks again for your invaluable help and support and looking forward to our continuing cooperation”


Media Alliance Group, President - "I just wanted to say thank you for hosting a great event and for allowing me to participate, I really enjoyed it.....managed to meet a good number of people and have some great conversations. I'll be following up with the contacts I made next week and will keep you informed of anything that happens. Once again, thanks and please keep me up on any other events you have in the future."


Blue Curls Estate, Senior Marketing Executive – “It was a pleasure meeting you last Thursday at the Private Equity Forum. I would like to personally thank you for co-hosting the Forum, as it was a great opportunity for our company to meet potential investors and network…. Thank you again. I hope to hear from you soon."


Fiducioso Advisors, CEO & President - "I had a terrific and productive time at Private Equity forum yesterday. Not only did I get the leads that I was expecting, but I got a lot of bonus leads from people who stepped up to help out. It was a great congregation of enterprising investors. I am hoping to reach a conclusive deal through the leads that came out."


McCary Stevens Associates, Co-founder and Principal - "Thank you for including us in your very well run and interesting conference at the Yale Club. After hearing and reading about the other 29 entrepreneurs' dreams yesterday, my confidence in the power of this country's creative business people is greatly renewed. And I've learned I'm not alone in my passionate pursuit of an entrepreneurial dream. Continued success with your business; you're providing a valuable service to your fellow entrepreneurs and investors."


Lightship Partners, President and CEO - "I recently invested in a new company that is now embarking on their B round. I think your event could be a good fit…." Lightship addressing the principals of the company wrote "[co-host] is one of the organizers for a great private equity event that could be a good fit for the B round ……[co-host] and I also participate in an angel group together. Most importantly, [co-host] is just an all-around good guy, well connected, and has excellent insight. I recommend that the three of you arrange a call for a brief 15 minute intro to [co-host]'s event on Sep. 22nd and discuss if it's a good fit….."


LiveComplete, Founder - "I wanted to thank you very much for hosting the Private Equity Conference. It was indeed a pleasure meeting with you... Also, I appreciate you sending me the list of the interested investors today. I will let you know if I have any questions prior to my calling them on Monday. Please do keep in touch, and I appreciate all your help and insights.”


Carter Stone & Co., President and Founder - "I am writing to you as someone who has attended many of your events at the Yale Club. Those events are probably the most interesting and professional venues that I have had the pleasure of attending. All of the participants have enjoyed an audience of private equity professionals, private investors, venture capitalists and banks to listen to their promotional stories and be able to develop a program where those groups would like to invest. The camaraderie which is developed at those events and the coordination by your son and his team leave everyone with a feeling that they have experienced a professional, organized and well run event.


I am always impressed at the lack of vendors and service providers which do not exist at these well coordinated meetings. I have been to other meetings of this type and I have seen many vendors and service providers, don't know how you do it.


I am looking forward to the next event and many events in the future. I, as a businessman and a private investor have been privy and had the opportunity to develop long term relationships with serious minded business people of a certain caliber. I leave you with my last thought and that is that the caliber of individual and corporation that you attract is by far the highest. No other event attracts this type of audience. The people who come to the event to try and gain financing are fortunate to have this type of venue. I have met many of them. They are all delighted to be there.


I look forward to seeing you in November and if I can help you in any way, please feel free to let me know. "


CP Capital Securities, Managing Director - Corporate Finance - "Please find the description of an excellent 1-day, East Coast-based, early-stage venture capital event, in both the body of this email below and attached, for your review. It is the National Venture Summit & Emerging Growth Forum, being held on June 17th in New York City at the Yale Club in midtown Manhattan. It is hosted by [co-host] and Bryan Emerson, 2 long-time, early-stage venture capital specialists. …….. [co-host] convinced me and 2 of our clients, Consult A Doctor and Adopt-A-Classroom, to go to their March event, one of the 4 events they hold a year. It was time and money well spent. There are several ways to visit…..but the best, to be sure, is to present to the group at-large. There is a limit, to the best of knowledge, of 15 companies. The reason so many companies seeking capital want to be at this event is that, simply, that it's the best forum on the US for getting to more qualified angel groups, family offices, VCs and institutional investors, generally totaling 150 to 200 investors from all over the country. It's almost a "Road Show" that comes to the company.


If you've been looking for money in a dedicated, structured and organized way, spending a minimum of 4-5 hours per day for the past several months, you know what the difference is between an "investor" and a qualified investor; simply, a qualified investor is someone who invested in a new pre-revenue or early-stage company (less than $1MM in revenue) in the past 12 months (not an existing portfolio company).


This event hosts more Principals, from funds which actually invested in new companies in the past 12 months, on a factor of 5:1, to any event I've attended in the past 2 years. These aren't principals which invested in no new companies, ….but they're folks who actually put-up their own money last year. Simply, the National Venture Summit & Emerging Growth Forum is, certainly the March event was, as good as it gets for an early-stage company in this market. The value of presenting to Principals of VC funds which actually made an investment last year in an early-stage company is immense.…"


The City University of New York / Technology Commercialization Office - "I am writing to thank you once again! It was a great conference and we made some very valuable contacts. We hope to establish some fruitful relationships with those investors and local entrepreneurs. Let's keep in touch. "


Vanity Events, President - "Thanks so much for both hosting the event and providing this information to us, in addition to allowing us to enter at such a late date. We've already begun contacting some of the companies who expressed interest in the Company, with positive results, and will continue to contact more companies over the next couple of weeks. We will certainly keep you updated as to our progress, and try to give you a list of the companies we've been in contact with as well - Thanks again!"


Jabbersmack, President - "Thank you very much for your detailed follow-up to last week's venture capital conference. It is very much appreciated. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do to assist you at any time in the future. I will let you know when we have a firm deal in place. Have a great day!!!"


IrishCentral, President - "Niall and I enjoyed the conference last week. This was the first event of this type that I've attended and you can clearly see the value of bringing together entrepreneur and investor when there is mutual interest in business vertical. We had some good conversations with many of the investors and found a couple who we thought might have interest in this space. Please let us know if anyone has made contact with you regarding IrishCentral and what we can do to continue conversations. Thank you."


eChina MD, President - "Laura & Bryan: It was great see you both yesterday and Elliot and I both feel the event was well worth our while. I did not get a chance to say good bye to you yesterday but wanted you both to know how much I appreciate your efforts. I look forward to seeing you both again, perhaps in Beijing this time! Maybe a Starlight investor forum in China??? "


eC Research LLC, President & CEO - "Bryan, Thanks for this follow-up. I think you guys did a GREAT job! I've been to a lot of VC Fairs and yours was extremely well done."


Bath n' Clip, President - "Let me congratulate you and your team on a most excellent meeting today. I've attended many events like this over the past 30 years and I must say that yours may well be the very best of its kind. My expectations, quite frankly, were more than exceeded……… Toward that end, we received 18 requests for a PPM from attendees. Additionally, we have at least 5 follow-ups by telephone which may precede additional requests….."


CommonKindness, President - "Truly can't thank you enough for including me at your event. It was indeed an act of un-common kindness and speaks volume about you - not to mention all of the laurels bestowed upon you by so many of your other attendees! It was also a pleasure to meet David, who is a great credit to you. With full thanks to you, I am hopeful that I was successful in meeting several potential investors. Please see the list below, as you requested, and let me know if/when you'd like to discuss……. Of course, I met several others, but these are the only ones I started to seriously follow up with. Thank you again."


Freedom Sciences LLC, President/CEO - "As requested, I'm providing you with a list of contacts made by my business associates and me during your private equity forum. Overall, I felt your investor conference provided a good platform for presenting Freedom Sciences business opportunity to a large group of potential investors in a relatively short period of time. My team and I left with a very positive feeling that there were several interested groups willing to delve deeper into the prospects of investing in our company. The Yale Club provides a first-class atmosphere for firms to network and have face-to-face time with the investor community. I'm not sure if the outcome of our 10 minute presentation and networking opportunities will lead to us closing on the $3.0 million investment we are seeking, but we certainly met many investor groups in the seven hours or so spent at your forum.......I will be diligently following-up on all of the leads generated from your event. Any feedback you can provide me from those firms in attendance and those who completed your questionnaire would certainly be helpful. Whatever the outcome, I'd like to thank you, Bryan, David and your entire team for giving us the opportunity to showcase our company and its innovative product offerings Again, thank you for providing the opportunity to showcase our business opportunity. I hope I can report to you shortly that we obtained the needed investment due to presenting at your private equity forum. However, the next few months will tell us if your forum and our efforts will achieve the level of success anticipated. Stay tuned! "


salesElement, President - "We wanted to sincerely thank you and Private Equity for having us at the event. We were able to accomplish in a day what others I've spoken to have spent months trying to do--gain insightful VC contacts and make the appropriate, high-level contacts. As a small business owner, this event was invaluable. Larger companies have the resources to send people out chasing money and developing contacts and relationships, attending tons of events. Unfortunately, as a startup we can't send high-level talent far and wide detracting from producing and selling to make contacts. Private Equity solved this problem for us. It allowed us to efficiently present our business to hundreds of people without it feeling like a trade-show or a rat-race. While I write this letter only a few weeks after the event, we've already had over a half-dozen in-person meetings with VCs and other investors. One or two, who weren't at the event, were aware of it, or heard about us through their colleagues that attended. Again this is a great credit to you and your team for organizing this event in such as way. It's the perfect atmosphere to make the person-to-person contact that can't be done through mailings and cold-calls. You have our gratitude and respect, and thank you for what you're doing for the entrepreneurial community and what you've done to help our company."


Knowledge Delivery Systems, Inc., CEO - "As CEO of Knowledge Delivery Systems, I was delighted to participate as an entrepreneur presenter in the recent June Private Equity Forums held at the Yale Club. I was impressed with both the quality and seriousness of the private equity direct investor attendees as well as of the corporate presenters. This conference differentiated itself from other venues in terms of providing me with at least half a dozen serious private equity investor prospects, who have followed up requesting my business plan. From the perspective of a private equity investor, Private Equity Forums is a great event to attend, because of the considerable attention devoted by [co-host] to select only the best entrepreneurial investment opportunities. From the perspective of an entrepreneur, this is a great event to attend because of the professional forum provided for your company, the high percentage of serious direct investors in attendance, and importantly the back-up support and follow up details provided. I look forward to culling the many valuable new contacts provided to me by this event, and believe that the visibility provided to my company will be a very important ingredient in ensuring the growth and success of Knowledge Delivery Systems in the future. Thanks for a very well-organized and successful event."


PCAsso Diagnostics, President and CEO - "I am writing you to congratulate you on your outstanding meeting. The format, from an entrepreneur point of view, is optimal. The audience is down to business and is willing and able to make the investment; the attention is focused on a small number of companies; and there are not a lot of service providers and middlemen. Presenting at your meeting was one of the most cost effective ways to reach serious investors."


Allied Energy, Executive Vice President - "Outstanding! [co-host]'s Private Equity Forum is the place for meeting the movers and shakers of the VC industry. After attending the forum we determined that to be a player in today's market attending this forum is a must. Absolutely the best networking opportunity we have seen to date."


Upload Beverages, President - "Dear [co-host] and Bryan, I would like to thank you and congratulate you for the incredible event you have prepared. I was a unique opportunity for me, as well as something that I will never forget….We are following up with the contacts we made on Yale and hope that soon some great news will be delivered."


Viola Networks, CEO - "Yair Safrai of Concord Ventures recently received your email detailing the Private Equity VIII event to be held on November 12. Concord Ventures is a major shareholder in our company and Mr. Safrai serves as chairman of our company's board of directors. We are currently in the process of raising capital and Mr. Safrai highly recommended that we participate in this event as it will be excellent exposure to investment opportunities. For your convenience, I'm attaching a copy of our executive summary for your review. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us."


ARC, President - "I want to thank you and Bryan for your efforts culminating in what looks to be a very positive set of meetings yesterday for ARC. We are, of course, already following up on our new contacts……. Again I want to thank you and Bryan for a job well done."


BodyBlocks Nutrition Systems, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer - "Bryan, Thank you for the follow up. I will contact the other groups who are interested in getting additional material from us. Below is a list of the equity groups that we made contact with at the conference and showed an interest in BodyBlocks. Each one has been contacted with a follow up by email and phone as appropriate. Some of these were also on your list to follow up. Any correspondence sent to you by interested participants please route it to me and I can distribute it to the team members. I will let you know how we progress with the connections. Thank you for a well organized conference."


DataCall, CEO - "Bryan - Good Morning. We are still in shock about the response that we received about DataCall. I can't tell you how much that all of us appreciate Starlight Capital. I will be in constant communication with you regarding these leads. The following companies are requesting immediate information from DataCall Technologies: Progressive Technology Partners, ISG Capital LLC New York. Bison Capital Partners, Dolphin Equity Partners, New York Landmark Capital, CT Capital Foundation Ventures, NY Ventures, New York, Lehman Brothers, New York, GK Partners, Stamford, CT Coral Capital Partners, Atlanta, GA Praetorian Group, New York, Centerprise Technology Advisors, New York Damas International, Greenville, SC Solera Capital, NY. One more thing, If you have any more ideas or suggestions on marketing applications I would greatly appreciate that…. Perhaps we can meet or chat before Thanksgiving. Again Bryan thanks very much…... "


HardMetrics, Inc., CEO - "Rob and I thank you for a well conceived and well run forum yesterday. From this point, the onus is on us to taker advantage of the many contacts. Thanks for your professionalism. "


SEFAO Enterprises, President - "I just wanted to say thank you. I must say we did not know what to expect. Your event was impressive, as were the attendees. I also want you to know we are thankful to your partners.... With our company in such an early stage, we did not expect the double digit investor interest we received. I must also mention, that even when we were waiting for a cab outside the Yale Club (in the rain), we received interest from the principal in an investment firm who did not even attend your event. The fact we went and were prepared demonstrates how important what you do is. All the best..."


iTDi, President - "Responding to your request for the contacts we made at the Yale Club who expressed interest in iTDi, here they are:1. Musa Yenni, Yenni 2. Ish Dugal, Spacevest 3. Lawrence Grumer, Boston Entrepreneurs Network & Technology Associates and Alliances 4. Garry Gyselen, Arglen 5. Adele Hepburn, Youth Enhancement Systems 6. Stefan Kang, FA Technology 7. Alan Kelley, Milestone 8. William Podd, Landmark 9. Kalman Renov, Beechwood 10. Einat Steklov, Platinum 11. John Stone, Foundation 12. Alan Benaim, NY Angels. We have had preliminary discussions already with Musa, Ish, Allan, William, Alan, and I think John. Truly a good experience for us! Trust you are having a good Thanksgiving weekend!"


Radical-Systems, President - "A great forum, I want to thank you for a great day yesterday, Gary and I met some interesting people who showed interest in our venture. I could never have met these people in any other way. It was well run and I learnt a great deal from just watching the presentations. I would recommend this as a vehicle to any other firm wishing to raise money. I am looking forward to getting the list of investors so that I can contact people I could not talk to directly. Thanks again"


GeneEx, Inc., President and CFO - "Thanks Bryan. I've followed-up with everyone and we have some good interest from several groups including Ellen Sandles from the Tri-State Private Investors Network, Kalman Renov at Beachwood Ventures and John Riley from Alliance Capital. The conference has proven to be an excellent event for us. Best regards, "


DyAnsys, President - "Frank, As you requested when we met at the Private Equity Forum in New York on Nov 16th, I am sending you a package containing Dyansys private placement details. I am sorry I was not able to send it electronically. I have sent a package to the West Orange address… I am swamped by the follow up to the Forum. I have more than 25 responses specifically interested in Dyansys. [co-host] tells me that this is way above average for presenting companies at the Forum. (From Investor Surveys) I am on my way to Europe and India.… Email is the best since I carry a Blackberry and I can get back to you very quickly. I will follow up with you after you have had a week to look at the package."


MyHound, President - "Many thanks for an excellent Forum and an excellent time. I made some great connections and met really good people. I'll keep you posted as my follow up conversations proceed-- hopefully one of them leads to the funding of!”


School Skills Success, CEO - "Thank you very much for this very helpful e-mail. Your consideration and attentiveness, both during the event and this follow-up are very much appreciated. We will definitely follow your advice in contacting the various parties who expressed interest in S3. We also are pleased to see that three of the attendees listed us on their surveys. You asked which people expressed interest in S3 during our discussions at the forum. Here is a run-down of those companies……… Any assistance you are able to provide is appreciated… Thanks again for helping us get the most of the Forum. And, congratulations on putting together such a successful and well-run event. "


Signalink Technologies, CEO - "It was good to see you again and I appreciate the opportunity that your event opened for us. Thank you. We did get a lot of interest and are corresponding with some funds from the event. It was well run and organized. I would like to start working with you on the funds that you qualify as a fit with Signalink. What are our next steps together? I am looking forward to working with you. "


Anian-HSM, President - "It was a pleasure meeting you at the Yale Club. The forum was the first major event I've participated as part of my fund-raising efforts and I was impressed with its quality. Thank you and the whole team for an outstanding performance. Thank you for the tips and suggestions. These are really valuable. I've contacted the investors who expressed an interest in our company, and currently I'm following up with them to learn about the next steps. Here is the list……."


Mad Croc Brands, Inc., Founder/Chairman - "Bryan/[co-host], Thank you very much for letting me participate in last week’s Starlight NYC event. You and your team did a terrific job in pulling together an extremely qualified audience as well as an environment to land a wide range of potential partners. Please pass along to your team members a big "thank you" from the Spencer Trask and Mad Croc team."


Solar Cool Technologies, CEO - "That was a very well structured event on Thursday, I'm glad I had the chance to go. Met some very interesting people, and we'll see how everything as far as investments pan out. Thanks!"


DyAnsys, President - "Thank you for the great event and the excellent follow up. I can learn something from you. You are really brilliant at follow up. I was impressed by the way you kept track of me over a few years. I was grateful for that. I was blown away by the number of people you were able to get to the meeting. Now I am speechless with your follow up. You have done a great job of getting people like me up to bat. That's what I viewed this as. I saw my 10 minute presentation as a "teaser" trying to get people to come after me for a lengthier discussion and follow up. I got about 15 people to approach me after my talk. I don't know if that is low, high or par for the course. Obviously the activities after the forum are paramount. I will go at this thing with a vengeance. I look forward to your continued help and support as I move forward. I will definitely keep you informed of progress. Thank you "


Atlantic Business Finance, Owner - "Great program. Real help for those ready to go for it. We have had good contact with your team plus other we met at the PEF. Thank you for the opportunity to bring Trinity Exploration to meet so many good investors. I was able to make contacts with many other people that I could possibly work with and I can refer to others."

Fotki, COO - "Private Equity XIV was one of the most productive fundraising events in which I ever participated. The presentations and conversations with other participants during the event were extremely instructive, concrete, condensed, down-to-business. I learned a lot just by observing, and we certainly got a great exposure! To top it all, the quality and the number of responses from VCs and angel investors that we received was absolutely stunning - dozens of interested angels and over 50 venture capitalists. We would need to spend the next couple of weeks just doing follow-ups. What a great problem to have!"


CoolSpine, President - "Thank you for yesterday's event. It was a great forum and we made a lot of solid contacts. It was also very well run."


Equity Capital Markets JPMorgan, Vice President - "I just wanted to let you know how thrilled both Power Tube, Inc. and I are with the tremendous results from your (NYC) conference. Every detail was planned to perfection. The location and venue were outstanding. The format worked very well in terms of facilitating discussions between potential investors and the presenting companies. The results for Power Tube specifically far exceeded my most optimistic expectations. It was a pleasure to work with you and your team on a personal and professional level. I look forward to working with you again in this forum."


Molecular Electronics Corp., President - "Everyone was asking for a more detailed business plan so that's what we did. The following companies from the investment community wanted follow up...William Podd at Landmark Capital; Joe Heller at Nextlevel VP's; Lawrence Loeb, private investor; William Crusoe at Centre Capital Advisors, Peter Holden, Global Asia Partners, Murray Dalziel, MRC Capital, John Boeheim, Trinet. My next step will be a letter and a non disclosure agreement and then a formal business plan if they want one..."


ON Networks, Inc., Executive VP, Chief Marketing Officer - "Thanks for having Jay and me as your guests yesterday. It was an outstanding event, and a fine effort on behalf of you and your staff. Our hearty congratulations. Our attendance was certainly success and fully worthwhile. I look forward to hearing news of future events, and then hopefully will be in a position to formally present. Thanks again."

IntegriNautics Corporation, Chief Financial Officer - "The Private Equity Forum in October gave us a fantastic opportunity to network with prospective investors and partners. We have made contacts with several investors through connections made at the forum. We are so pleased with the results that we would like to have presence in all your future events as well."


Advanced Reconnaissance Corp., President - "I want to thank you and Bryan for your efforts culminating in what looks to be a very positive set of meetings yesterday for ARC. We are, of course, already following up on our new contacts.  As I mentioned yesterday, I never did manage to connect with Mark Holman. Please send me his contact information so I can follow up with him as well. Again I want to thank you and Bryan for a job well done."


Dragonfly Media, Director - "Really great to speak with you yesterday.  Thanks for the list of names of individuals who expressed interest in learning more about Dragonfly Media. I'll follow up and keep you posted. Below, please find the names of people I spoke with, along with comments on the nature of their possible interest. Again, I'll keep you informed if anything comes of these discussions. Dragonfly's business plan is being finalized in the coming weeks; I'll be reaching out now to people to confirm that they would be interested in receiving the plan and hearing from Dragonfly in December or January. With gratitude for your exceptional support and good will...Thank you for the time and energy you put into making today a great one for all involved. I was very impressed and satisfied."


Multimedia Tutorial Services, President - "I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the top notch event that you organized at the Yale Club recently. As a featured presenter, I was given a unique opportunity to present our Company and its investment potential before a distinguished group of high quality investors. Nowadays, acquiring this kind of exposure would entail six months of plodding phone work or the hiring of a trained executive at a six figure salary, all with no guarantee of success.


Already, our company, Multimedia has been successful in obtaining some preliminary funding commitments as a result of presenting at your Private Equity - National Venture Forum. Furthermore, we are in advanced discussions with several other quality investors that we spoke with at your conference. The most impressive aspect of all the people we spoke with was their intense focus and desire to learn more about our company.


It is rare in our day and age that results exceed promises made in solicitations, but your conference certainly qualifies as an exception. I was most impressed by your team’s attention to punctuality, its perfect execution of an elegantly served lunch and by the organized program which included excellently delivered presentations by companies with unique products and breakout periods which provided us with the forum to meet with individual investors.


Please accept our best wishes and our sincere appreciation for having given us this opportunity."


​Connell Construction & Development, Owner - "Thank you so much for everything. Connell Construction & Development have some wonderful leads & possible funding arrangements. Your event was not only an outstanding way to network with the right players, but an educational experience that has a greater value than one can describe."


Dominion Lasercom Inc., Co-Founder - "Bryan, I want to express my gratitude for your hard work and diligence in putting Dominion Lasercom, Inc. before potential investors. Over the past five years we have spent some $80,000 in retainers to professionals with the hopes of funding, but you have been the only one successful in doing so. And being that this is an especially difficult time for the telecom industry because of the collapse of so many of the industry leaders, it has made your efforts that much more appreciated. Thanks again for your help."


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