Past Investor Attendees in Alternative Energy, Cleantech and Environmental Technology

37 Angels

A9C Capital

ACO Investment Group 

AlpInvest Partners

Access Venture Partners

Andlinger & Co.

Arborview Capital

Arcis Capital Partners

ArcTern Ventures

Asset Development Corporation

AWT Private Investments

BASF Venture Capital

Battery Ventures

Ben Jen Holdings

Berwind Private Equity

Blackhawk Partner

Canaan Partners

Castle Partners (Israel Seed Fund)

Cathay Innovation

Chrysalix Venture Capital

Clean Energy Capital 

Clearlake Venture

Climate Capital

CMEA Capital

Coral Capital Solutions

Conor Fund Seed Capital

CRG CapitalVarious 

Cycle Capital

Cycle Eco Technology Fund

DTE Energy Ventures

ECOLAB at Ministère de l'Environnement

Edelson Technology Partners 

Endeavor Capita

Energy Independence Partners 

EnerTech Capital

Engie New Ventures

Environmental Technologies Fund

Equis Funds Group

Ethos Investments 

European Investment Fund

Evolve Energy Partners

Expon Capital

FE Clean Energy 

First Analysis Corp. 

Frank Crystal & Co.

GE Capital Ventures

Giza Venture Capital

Green Campus Partners

Green Power Funding

Green Street Capital 

Hamilton Robinson Capital Partners

Hartford Ventures

Ironwood Capital

Indaco Venture Partners

Investors Collaborative (The)

Jericho Capital

Junior Capital Group

JMH Creations (Private Investors)

Keiretsu Forum

Khalifa Fund


Landmark Angels

Launch Funding Network

Leveraged Green Energy, LLC

Maxx CleanTech Capital

Meidlinger Partners

MiLA Capital

Minah Ventures

New Energy Fund

New Mountain Capital

New York City Investment Fund

NewWorld Capital Group


Nenko Advisors International

NJIT Enterprise Development Center

Nxtlvl Ventures

Olympus Capital Investments


Paladin Capital Group

Pangaea Ventures

Pegasus Capital Advisors

PG Capital

Physic Ventures

Prize Capital

RCC Ventures

Right Side Capital

Rostra Capital

SET Venture Partners


SJF Ventures

Space Center Ventures

SPRK Investors

Stone Fund

Structured Growth Capital

Suez Ventures

SVB Capital

TechU Angels

Terrapin Partners

Thin Line Capital

Tortugas Capital

TRIANA Venture Partners

Tri-State Private Investors Network

US Global Capital


Vanguard Technologies

Westrock Venture Group

Wynston Hill Capital 

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