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Past Investor Attendees in Alternative Energy, Cleantech and Environmental Technology


With over 20 years of experience in energy and industrial innovation, we're leading the way to tackle our planet’s most pressing climate challenge and help hard-to-abate industries reach their carbon neutrality targets.

At 37 Angels, we are committed to:

  • Education: Our goal is to shed light on the black box of startup investing for investors and founders through education.

  • Transparency: 37 Angels has a process that’s built around clear and open communication for both founders and funders.

  • Empathy: Many of our members are former entrepreneurs who understand the highs and lows of business-building.

A partner with the power to deliver

We build private equity portfolios on a global scale. For over 20 years, we have focused on delivering strong returns for our investors and built a long track record through multiple market cycles.


ACO Investment Group was established in 2011 as an Alternative Investments Manager. Our focus is to invest in our core areas of expertise, which include Energy & Power (renewable power), IT & Ecommerce, Telecommunications and Transportation (airports) & Logistics sectors.



We work hand-in-hand with pioneers and innovators who dare to change the world. When the spirit of innovation and opportunity meet, great things happen. The firm has been investing and partnering with innovators for over 25 years, empowering entrepreneurs to transform industries.


we’re looking for innovative startups across the enterprise, cybersecurity and new marketplace models with a special focus on a handful of evolving subsectors and technologies where we hold domain expertise.

Welcome to A9C Capital

Founded in 2008 and based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, A9C Capital focuses on investment opportunities in cutting-edge technology. We are a gateway for Middle Eastern investors to Private Equity investments in technology companies, and for technology companies seeking funding or business partners we are a gateway to the Middle East. It is essential for us to be a trustworthy and reliable partner for our clients and we strive for utmost clarity and transparency in all our business transactions.

Our Approach

We are a founder focused boutique Venture Capital/Private Equity firm earning the right to be the first phone call. Endeavor was founded in 1988 with dozens of exits over 40 years from a diversified portfolio of companies with capital gains ranging from 2X to 100X returns. We exemplify wealth creation, capital preservation from a non-correlated, industry agnostic portfolio investment strategy. Our team's strength embodies a wealth of operating experience coupled with a strong collaborative ecosystem with multi-stage companies.

Welcome to Coral Capital Solutions

We are a commercial finance company providing working capital to small and midsize businesses mainly through financing their Purchase Orders and Accounts Receivable.

ArcTern Ventures

Since 2012, we’ve been investing in entrepreneurs obsessed with solving humanity’s greatest challenges—climate change and sustainability. We’re former startup founders ourselves, we get it, and like you, we believe technology can save our planet. #earthtech



Sustainability is becoming central to consumer and business decision-making. For fifteen years, we have partnered with high-quality management teams building a more environmentally sound, resource efficient future. 


Natrion is developing a sodium-ion battery and is based at the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator in Binghamton, NY. Natrion is developing safer and more affordable large scale batteries that make sustainable energy cost-effective for homes, farms, and military applications.

Arcis Capital Partners

We have honed our knowledge, skills and connectivity over the past three decades while working with some of the world’s most prestigious companies in the United States and Asia.

This experience has provided us with exposure to every facet of the enterprise life cycle and through every phase of the business cycle on both sides of the Pacific.

Cathay Innovation

A Global Venture Capital Firm Connecting Innovators Everywhere

Cathay Innovation is a multi-stage venture capital firm, affiliated to Cathay Capital, that goes beyond the traditional VC playbook by providing entrepreneurs the support of a global ecosystem.

ENGIE New Ventures

ENGIE New Ventures (ENV) was founded in 2014 as the corporate venture arm of the global energy provider ENGIE. Its +€250m fund is dedicated makes minority investments in technology startups that complement existing activities and resources to spur internal innovation within ENGIE.

Blackhawk Partners, Inc

Blackhawk Partners, Inc., is a reliable trader and supplier of a wide range of commodities to industrial and financial consumers globally.

The Firm’s role is to be a trustworthy and competitive partner to businesses in the segments of the market which it serves and to support those businesses as they expand and develop.


We use our integrative research process to uncover and leverage the best opportunities in emerging high-growth tech-driven segments for the benefit of the investors and growth companies we serve, as well as our broader society and environment. Integrative research draws heavily on our relationships with companies and unifies naturally divergent perspectives, capabilities, skill sets, and relationships, yielding a deep, comprehensive understanding of each segment's near-term and long-term potential.

Title Goes Here

Newfund is an entrepreneurial VC firm dedicated to financing seed-stage startups that are driving global change. It comes with principles.
We are constantly looking for founders obsessed with realizing a vision that will have a major impact on the world we live in. We seek to understand entrepreneurs as individuals, appreciate what they are building and play to their strengths. Greatness comes in all forms.


Over the last century, the average surface temperature of the Earth has increased by approximately 1°C, the effects of which can already be felt- glaciers are melting, sea-levels are rising and extreme weather events are occurring more frequently. 

Invest with impact

Entrepreneurs who figure out how to go farther and faster with the same resources.

Entrepreneurs who solve the world’s most fundamental problems with hard tech innovations.

Entrepreneurs who are making a meaningful impact.

Forty years
One focus

Since 1984 we have realized the promise and potential of highly engineered manufacturing, distribution and service businesses in North America. Our approach is straightforward and even-keeled. Experience matters.

We are trusted partners.


LGE was established to identify, invest in and help develop clean energy technologies. LGE holds ownership stakes in green energy technology companies and has a significant portfolio of license rights from these companies.

Landmark Angels

Landmark Angels is an angel investor group comprised of high net-worth investors and Family Offices. We are a decentralized group. Each member makes their own investment determinations and is responsible for conducting their own due diligence. 

Building Great Businesses

New Mountain’s private equity strategy seeks to acquire the highest quality leaders in carefully selected defensive growth industries, and then to build those businesses. 

Financial Services at GE Vernova

The energy transition cannot happen without access to capital.*

GE Vernova's Financial Services business offers project development and financial solutions to support customers and projects through a wide range of investing and structuring activities-from the early development stages to construction and into operations.


Keiretsu Forum is a global investment community of accredited private equity angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate/institutional investors. Keiretsu Forum was founded in the San Francisco East Bay in California in 2000 by Randy Williams.  

Tech You Can Touch

From 2015-2020, MiLA Capital leveraged extensive expertise in hyperscale, hardware, and finance to identify high-potential “tech you can touch” opportunities with attractive valuations. Through a deep network and hands-on operating strategy, MiLA partnered with founders to build capital-efficient businesses. 

About Us

NewWorld Capital Group is a private equity firm that invests in the resource productivity and environmental opportunities sectors.

Buy Valtrex

By providing capital and business assistance, NewWorld seeks to facilitate the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable economy.


RCC Ventures LLC is an independent debt advisory firm that excels in providing multiple debt instruments and flexible financing solutions for mid-market, private equity, and venture-backed businesses at any stage of development, both domestically as well as internationally. 

About: Executive Team

Unlike most startup investment firms, our success does not rest on the ability of our partners to pick individual investments. Rather, it rests on the ability of everyone in the organization to execute and refine a high-volume investment and support process. 

Maxx CleanTech Capital

Maxx CleanTech Capital is an independent investment & development company. Creating value for management & shareholders by supporting the growth. Focusing on success and expansion of cleantech companies via investments, matchmaking and pro-active assistance.

Silicon Valley Bank

Credit Products Designed to Fuel the Innovation Economy

SVB provides tailored credit solutions for VC-backed startups and investors in the innovation economy. 

Become a client or reach out to your Relationship Manager to learn how we can tailor a solution to meet your needs. 

Terrapin Partners, LLC

Terrapin Partners, LLC
3725 Leafy Way
Miami, FL 33133
Tel:  +1 (212) 710-4100
Fax: +1 (212) 710-4105

About OurCrowd

OurCrowd was started in 2013, driven by the idea that the business of building startups grows bigger and better when the global ‘crowd’ gains access to VC-level investment opportunities.

Today, OurCrowd is a global venture investing platform that empowers institutions and individuals to invest and engage in emerging companies. 

Angel Private Equity

Angel investors are a vital part of the economy. They help start-up and early stage companies develop to a point where:

  1. Institutional venture capital or strategic investor funds may provide larger sums to enable growth.

  2. Debt financing can be obtained from banks and other conventional lenders in support of growth.

  3. A profitable liquidity event can occur through company sale or initial public offering.

About Us

Structured Growth Capital, Inc. is part of a senior secured funding group which acts as one of the country’s leading providers of Monetization Financing having successfully transacted over 300 financings in excess of $3 billion. We uniquely facilitate transactions in a broad array of industries and offer many significant structural advantages over traditional financing. Completed through an efficient streamlined private placement, Monetization Financing can provide funding of $5MM or more within 30 days.

About Us

Prize Capital’s mission is to implement innovative financing techniques to facilitate radical breakthroughs, particularly in the fields of energy and the environment.

Prize Capital’s proprietary financing mechanism combines inducement prize competitions with companion investment funds to create a platform that mitigates early stage investment risk to investors and facilitates the greater flow of capital to early-stage innovators.

About Us

Berwind Private Equity is a multi-generational company that identifies investment opportunities for the Berwind family.


There are an estimated 60 million under-banked consumers in the US. Almost a decade ago, Oak recognized the value of NetSpend’s offerings and seized the opportunity to partner with us. Today, we are a leading provider of reloadable prepaid debit cards that empower these consumers with the convenience, security, and freedom to be self-banked.

High Growth.
Positive Impact.

SJF Ventures invests in high-growth companies creating a healthier, smarter and cleaner future. Our mission is to catalyze the development of highly successful businesses driving lasting, positive changes.

Europe's leading energy VC

Since 2007, our mission has been to advance a carbon-free energy system by backing innovators with capital, community and insights. To achieve net zero energy, we’re convinced the world needs new business models and applications, not only science and engineering.

About VCTs

Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) are investment companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. They were first launched in 1995 as a collaboration venture between HM Government and the trade association of the UK private equity industry, the British Venture Capital Association (BVCA).


Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Houston TX, BlackGold is a KKR-backed investment firm dedicated to growing market opportunities into significant businesses. 

Who We Are

We are entrepreneurial investors who eschew the traditional investment approach in search of opportunity in the small and medium enterprise (SME) landscape. We believe in bringing professional management, new incentive structures, and cutting edge technology to mature businesses and industries.


We are experienced entrepreneurs with strong market knowledge of what’s required to succeed in energy/sustainability industries. ​We have deep technical and engineering knowledge and the ability to mentor and guide founding teams. We are passionate about entrepreneurs and want to be your first and last resource as we share the journey with you. 

The Francisco Partners Experience

We provide capital, expertise, and support for growth-aspiring technology companies. We lean on our deep sectoral knowledge to invest in opportunities and deliver technology companies a performance advantage.

Giza Polish Ventures

We support incubation and growth of innovative R&D ideas.
We refer projects that are on early stage of development to incubators – Polish Institute of Research and Development (PIBiR) or StartupHubPoland (SHP) – where they can get funding from programs such as Bridge Alfa of the National Centre for Research and Development.

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