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  • What is Starlight Capital’s primary business?
    Conferences at which 4 – 6 entrepreneurs present their value proposition to members of Starlight’s angel investor network, after which they receive the database of registrants to schedule their own follow up meetings. In short, warm invitations to investors.
  • How is your event different from other events where entrepreneurs interact with investors?
    This is deal focused. No judging, no ranking, no expert panels pontificating on the state of the industry. In addition, the principal, Bryan Emerson, is a FINRA registered investment banker ( who knows and observes rules regarding raising funds. Therefore, he takes no consulting or back end fees (commissions) from any of the presenters. Whatever deals they secure are between them and the investors.
  • How often are these meetings scheduled?
    10 times per year, roughly monthly.
  • Where these meetings are scheduled?
    On Zoom, by invitation.
  • How long?
    90 minutes
  • Is there a market focus?
    Yes. Five focus on real estate and property technology companies. Five focus on any other technologies.
  • At what stage are the companies that present?
    Expansion stage. The tech companies have a functioning product and some revenue and/or have previously raised some funding. The real estate developers have previously and/or are currently developing commercial, storage, leisure, residential, or industrial real estate., among others.
  • How much money do they want to raise?
    $1 mm to $10 mm. Most are focusing on a raise of about $5 mm.
  • Is there a cost?
    For investors, none. For observers, $20. (These are often entrepreneurs who wish to attend a meeting before committing to presenting). For presenters, the fee depends on the length of the presentation and Q and A that they select, but all receive the database of registrants. Schedule a Calendly call to discuss.
  • Can an entrepreneur pay only if he receives investment from the conference?
    No. That is considered a back-end fee and is not allowed outside a contracted, investment banking relationship.
  • What other benefits to paying presenters receive?
    Helpful hints for the presentation and follow up, publicity for all registered presenters in our marketing outreach.
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