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What distinguishes Starlight Capital’s introductions of entrepreneurs to investors?

Entrepreneurs have access to a number of companies that offer introductions to investors, from investment banking firms to angel investor groups to individuals who sell leads. What distinguishes Starlight Capital?

Experience and various levels of service:

- 22 years of investor: entrepreneur conferences, in-person (in several cities) and on-line

- The organizer, President Bryan Emerson, has

o 22 years of investment business experience as a FINRA licensed investment banker.

o 22 years of angel investing

o an MBA and

o Entrepreneurial experience: started and sold several businesses in various industries

Focus, Frequency, and Duration of Starlight Capital’s On-line Entrepreneur: Investor Conferences

- Expansion stage companies that have raised some money and/or have some revenues. Not raw start-ups.

- Real estate and prop tech companies 5 times per year

- Technology of all types, 5 times per year

- Investor oriented: no judging or ranking, no sponsor speeches

- 90 minutes on Zoom


- 75 – 130 at each event

Registrants and Investor database:

- Starlight Capital maintains an active database of 30,000 investors. Many are colleagues and co-investors over 2 decades. Most are finance professionals who own, manage, or work for investment firms (private equity, family offices, venture capital, investment banks, commercial banks). They participate in Starlight’s network as angel investors, but also with an eye for future interest by their firms.

- For each event, 500 – 1000 people register. Presenters who commit in a timely manner are introduced in the subsequent email outreach to all investors, so those who attend are primed and interested in those company presentations. Afterwards, the presenters receive the contact information for ALL of them. The presenters follow up to schedule one on one discussions.

Number of presenters selected/considered:

- 5 or 6 out of about 100 considered for each event


- Presenters pay to provide a 5 or 10 minute video presentation followed by 5 or 10 minutes of live Q and A. The audience enters questions and their contact information in the chat box. All can save the chat box of questions and contact information. Open microphone after the presentations for the audience members to describe their businesses.

Services available to presenters:

- Pre-conference preparation package

- Post-conference spreadsheet of all registrants for follow up

- Optional appointment setting for the presenters with the investors

- Optional help with presentation materials

- Free referrals to potential board members and vetted business professional services (such as pre-money valuation services)

As entrepreneurs embark on the quest for capital, we encourage you to compare what distinguishes Bryan Emerson and Starlight Capital from other sources and opportunities to meet investors.

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