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Upcoming Events
Thu, Apr 09
Online Event
Networking in Virtual World - First European Online Pitch Event
Bringing together entrepreneurs and established industry leaders from all around Europe to create an invaluable networking and mentoring experience.
Tue, Apr 21
Online Event
Are you an entrepreneur looking for advice or funding? Are you an investor looking for new opportunities? Are you simply interested in entrepreneurship and would like to discover innovative business ideas?
Wed, May 13
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First USA Online Pitch Night - Networking in Virtual World
A select group of attending US business visionaries, angel investors, investment professionals, money managers and venture capitalists will share insights and experiences with the featured entrepreneurs online.
Sat, May 30
Jos Business School
SOAR Jos, Nigeria
We will explore how to accelerate entrepreneurial solutions to Nigeria's most pressing problems by uniting social innovators and entrepreneurs with essential partners in a collaborative pursuit of learning, leverage, and large-scale social change.
Wed, Jun 10
Online Conference
1st Startup Club Healthcare Pitch Virtual Forum
Innovate, Invest, Communicate
Wed, Jul 22
Online Conference
The Startup Club Franchising Virtual Forum
Different Franchising opportunities will be presented in every event with open discussions from participants.

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