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Established in 2000, we connect promising, expansion-stage companies with receptive investors.
  • Private Equity Forums - Technology September 23
    Online Conference
    Sep 23, 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT
    Online Conference
    Starlight Capital, Inc. presents an investor networking event for technology companies. Starlight has hosted more than 100 similar conferences over 21 years.
  • Private Equity Forums - Real Estate, October 28.
    Online Conference
    Oct 28, 12:00 PM EDT
    Online Conference
    Starlight Capital invites selected real estate entrepreneurs to present their project to a group of numerous business angels, high net worth investors, REITs, private equity funds and family offices from across the USA and the world. Contact: Bryan,

Our Process

1. Select capital sources by industry sector

The firms listed may be targets for your future funding rounds.  Their managers or owners either participated in previous fundings or attended our past events and may be appropriate to invest personally in your current round of financing.  To which would you like personal introductions?

2. Register as a presenter

Register now for the upcoming conference to pitch to these and many other potential sources of capital.  We can help you follow up afterwards.

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Our Team


Bryan Emerson


Angel investor, mentor, & board member for early-stage companies.  FINRA-registered investment banker.  Rice University MBA. 

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Laura Emerson


Researcher, Writer & Securities Industry Compliance Professional. Duke University AB; Washington University St. Louis MLA, MAT

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Sohini Ghosh


Multi-lingual sales and marketing associate who is detail-oriented and revenue-driven. Masters of Arts in Linguistics.

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Gaurav Rawat


An active advocate in the entrepreneurial journey of many, his approach towards sustainable development is well recognized.

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